Hot and Windy

The evening was cooler, thanks to the wind, and I eventually turned off the floor fan even though I’d already turned off the cooling feature. Sasha was inside but Maya managed another night outside without barking. It looks as though she’s picking it up.

The night was windy, as expected, and still very windy come 04:00. I was out of bed before the alarm however there was little doggy movement to talk of. I wasn’t quite sure who was where but finally worked out that Skinny, Luis, Oskar and Sasha were inside.

A medium-sized French van was the only vehicle on the first part of the beach road. A red car was in the car park. We found no maggots and eventually realised they’d been sleeping on the Grammeno Camping sun beds or elsewhere perhaps even in the camping. Pure supposition but I saw them come from that direction carrying their bedding. On the beach it must have been blowy.

It was blowy as we crossed the rocks with Obi catching us up. Kostas was not there or had already left. More vans were further along the track and the wind was quite strong as we walked to Azzuro. It was getting light as we walked back and reasonably light as we went back over the Big Beach. These days are getting noticeably shorter now. We will probably go to 04:30 after the next moon phase depending on the weather.

Luis unexpectedly appeared on the Big Beach but didn’t make it across the rocks. His paw is still giving him trouble but he’s getting quicker. Later, he got a couple of dunkings but tomorrow I’ll keep him dry as I gave him more stuff today.

I fed Moggy, left two tins for Bona and we set off for the last part a little later than is custom. We had one ball which we almost lost and managed to come back with two. Isabella wasn’t much interested in the ball although I threw it in the sea a couple of times. We stopped on the Big Beach for a swim as Alonaki was far too windy and the sea was rough. That said, earlier, Sasha rescued a stick, despite the choppiness. She’s getting the hang of it and Isabella mostly leaves her to it! I swam around, the girls spectated from the touch line and we walked back to the camping. I made tea, did things with my brain and possibly fell asleep.

Juergen called and we had a chat. He told me he’d had two heart attacks since we last met, one in the hospital following the first. Fortunately, he was close to medical support but seems to realise this may not necessarily always be so and understands the consequences. He talked about his favourite topic which is TV and film. He’s still in the business. He is more critical than me but then I understand more once he explains. He was looking at an episode of UFO, a 70’s low-budget creation. He pointed out the time it took to develop the plot and the amount of inactivity in the scenes. Such methods would be impossible now as viewers have much higher expectations. I love these old programmes as there are usually futuristic cars and banks of machines with flashing lights and tape readers spooling tape back and forth. You can do more with your watch nowadays. He went for a coffee and a swim and I to feed the dogs.

Today’s accomplishments include fixing the LED lights accidentally destroyed by Maya at feeding time yesterday and making a better job of the multi switch which still doesn’t work quite as expected. It’s more tidily wired now and three circuits is probably enough anyway.

I changed the WiFi password at H-H and set up their network for their various gadgets. We went for the same SSID and password to save having to reset all the gadgets. Otherwise, it’s not been a particularly productive day.

I noticed some rodent droppings in the area I cleaned following the demise of the rodent yesterday. As far as I know, the corpse is still where I left it so there must be another one unless the dead one can shit from beyond the grave. I’ve removed the latest poo and recharged the bait box. These guys are definitely hungry for this lovely rodent poison. So long as they die accessibly as I don’t fancy a rotting corpse when it’s this warm,

The day has been warm but also very windy with gusts heading to 70km/h. Other times, it can be almost still and the next gust arrives. Tonight and tomorrow are forecast to be much the same with slightly stronger winds!

With less than a month until 15 August, I’m happy to count the days until the very busy patch is over for another year. There is a group coming the latter part of August but I think it’s the same group which visits regularly. So far, we’ve not had any walking groups. Previously, we’d have groups of young people, often from France, staying a few nights and then moving on. Perhaps Grammeno is now too prestigious for such trade.

Yesterday’s evening meal was Gemista with additional rice and potatoes. It was very tasty and filled me up which is not hard when it’s hot and I’m less active. I will need to go see what this is for this evening…

Cooler than yesterday but with much stronger wind. The fan on my AC compressor has been whizzing round due to the wind blowing through it. More wind tomorrow then getting warmer for the weekend!

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