I took Sasha in and left Maya out with her collar. Following a brief reminder, she remained quiet all night.

It was not warm enough to warrant my bed fan but it was quite early when I called it a day so I got plenty of sleep. We were out the gate at 04:30 to a warm and windlass morning under a clear sky. It was hard going on the way to Azzuro but we made it back with a littler diversion into the water.

Luis appeared from nowhere in time to join us for biscuits but that was the last we saw of him until we were back. He later than everyone else.

I took the girls but it was hot. Isabella found her ball and carried it for a little while before leaving it once more. Only when I picked it up to throw it was she remotely interested for a very short time. It was too hot.

I waited, drank some tea and rode to Paleochora just to check it was there before a swim at Alonàki. The sea was flat calm like the day before. Only a couple of speedy boats made some waves and stirred the water.

It’s been hot all day so there’s been a distinct lack of enthusiasm for activity. The dogs have been panting and I was sure Isabella was trying to climb into the floor fan at one point.

Bona called for some help to process the washing. I took one load and put another in the machine. Once it cools down, I’ll take the dried sheets back and collect the next load. I’ll put on another for the morning. Bona tells me her new assistant starts 1 August…She has a lot more energy than me probably through drinking all that Hell beverage.

Walking back this morning I noticed new Air Conditioning units had been installed in M4-6. I imagine the portable units will be used elsewhere. This will be useful in the winter for those requiring heating.

I’ve not been keeping tabs on energy usage as no one seems interested. I notice that M6, the only one of the three with a meter, used nearly 18kWh one day recently. That’s about 8€ in electricity in one day, twice as much as I use and I make my own. The customers will have been leaving the AC on day and night. Assuming you can stand the noise from the portable units. Getting shot of them is a good move but three ACs installed must have cost a pretty penny.

During a moment of lassitude, I purchased a couple more doggy flashing lights as Maya will only follow in Sasha’s footsteps to become more independent. I need to keep an eye on her until she’s reliable enough not to chase the sheep or encourage others to do likewise.

Maya is a bit of a nutcase as she insists on licking everyone. She just licked my foot. I notice Skinny just allowed himself to be licked by her so appears to be warming to her slightly. Hopefully, she will become less of a liability as time passes.

Warmer than yesterday and not quite forty but warm enough especially with the humidity which made it feel a lot warmer than the actual temperature.


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