Quite Warm

I decided to sleep outside in front of the fan until it became cooler around two. I went to bed leaving sleeping dogs sleeping which didn’t last too long. I was up a little later as they began to fidget so I brought them in except for Obi, Isabella and Maya who was wearing her collar. The collar guarantees no stupidity. We slept until 04:15 when I got out of bed. The dogs seemed less keen.

Several cars were parked in the car park but no maggots on the Promontory just on the ABB’s sun beds. They may have had their ears licked as the dogs carried out their daily search for scraps.

It was warm walking to Azzuro and back but then it was just starting to get light. The dogs were flashing until biscuits on the rocks. I had a swim on the way back the second time. Obi amused himself at Azzuro and the girls and Oskar waited patiently. Skinny hung around in the distance and Luis could have been anywhere.

We came out again well after seven but were out just short of thirty minutes. Earlier, we met a man who regularly walks down the Promontory who seems pleased to see the dogs. This time, there was no hanging around and we were back and inside for some tea and panting.

I rode to Petrakis via Alonaki and a chat with Marisa who was walking Kira. She appears to be surviving her time with Maria but they’re still working together but separately. She doesn’t necessarily understand everything Maria does so refers the customer back to her.

Petrakis was busy but I only wanted carrots and cabbage. Eleanor, on the checkout, was not happy because she was there and it was busy. A nice man with several items let me pass in front of him.

I stopped at Alonàki for my third swim of the day and then back to the dogs. I made the DDs and then fed them. It was already warm so I sat down with a cup of tea to go into a decline.

I spent much of the day surrounded by panting dogs. Some were under the decking or the van however the larger ones were littered around on the decking where the temperature made it to 44,xºC. Today’s high does not beat the all time record of 44,2ºC on 1 July 2017.

With the heat, there was little inclination to do much other than process the DDs and generally keep from boiling over. I spent time looking for alternatives to Nitrogen but Argon seems only to be sold for welding purposes mixed with CO2 or O2 which both contain moisture so not welcome in an AC situation. I found an Italian company which sells pure Argon but does not ship to Crete. I can buy large quantities of Argon or Nitrogen in large, expensive bottles. Maybe the item I really want will come back into stock soon. Meanwhile, my funky stainless steel micrometer gets closer as well as the clever jointing compound on its way from USA. Cheaper to buy there as all over EU wanted 30€ just to deliver via courier which was the sole option.

The Group of French youth left on their coach this morning so Maya can relax more in the evenings. They were not noisy as far as I was concerned. The server I spoke to said they spoke only French when ordering in the restaurant. Nearly as bad as the English at foreign languages although the British already speak the international language which is quite helpful. The French probably feel they have no need to speak anything other than French.

Thousands have been relocated as a result of wildfires on Rhodes. Some airlines are flying empty planes to take holidaymakers home and have suspended other holiday arrivals temporally. So far, Crete has suffered no significant wildfires however the season is very young, the weather abnormally hot and dry and the people as stupid as usual. We’ll just get used to it being hot and make adjustments accordingly.

The hottest day of the year and the second hottest recorded since 1 July 2017. Tomorrow and the next couple of days will be slightly cooler but only by a couple of degrees. It’s a warm summer so far.


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