The Last?

Gigantes were on the menu which was fine by me. Not in the quantity I had before but that was also fine by me. Not having been to Anatoli recently, my bread is stale so I got some from the kitchen. That was enough.

Whilst standing at the kitchen, Bona’s youngest approached a little tentatively. He’d got a poor welcome during a previous visit due to his timing and other circumstances nothing to do with him. He asked if he could take Sasha for a walk and returned after a reasonable time to take Maya. He’d initially decided not to take her as she pulls but she’s moved on a bit. When he returned with Maya, he also brought two of his friends who also wanted to see the dogs.

I was concerned as they all had bare feet and no one can be certain of what surprises lurk in the dust and sand. I’d already collected up some more obvious doggy detritus. They stayed a few minutes then left as quickly as they arrived so that I could finally get something to eat. It was still quite hot so I wasn’t in a rush. Where they find the energy…

In the end, I didn’t go to bed but spent the night in my chair with the fan going. Naturally, I was surrounded by dogs and getting up in the morning was a speedy process.

The temperature was in the high thirties through much of the night but cooled down to the late twenties for the bulk of our walk. I kept sticking my head in the beach showers and made sure I had plenty to drink. I didn’t go in the sea until later.

There were no real surprises other than Luis making it almost all of the way to Azzuro on the second journey. We met Kostas as we arrived on the Promontory as he was walking to his car. He had a good load of salt but nothing like what he used to get during his industrial phase.

I came out again with the ladies. Today, we didn’t have the thrower so Isabella found a ball but abandoned it soon after. We came back and I played with computers remotely for a while after making up the DDs for the pot. I decided it was too hot for riding my bike as the temperature was rising.

I walked to Alonàki and had a bit of a swim. The guy who drives the taxi arrived to swim with his dog. I’d not recognised him but he called out to me so we had a conversation. It’s easy when the sea is calm.

I walked back across the field and got right into the gate before being detected. I fed all the dogs then sat down with a cup of tea as I had more IT stuff to do. In fact, IT has taken up most of the day. I’m copying settings from the Lewes router to its replacement and there are many settings to transfer. Fortunately, the menu structure is almost identical on the replacement device which makes it easier. I won’t copy everything just enough to get most things working then do the rest once it’s in service.

It has been warm again but not the hottest day of the year by just 0,4ºC. The wind has changed direction as, at one point, there was a refreshing cool breeze from the north!

Only the DDs to process, the dogs to feed and a short walk to the kitchen for some food.

Another hot one but not the hottest. The night was very warm so spent outside. Tomorrow and the next few days are forecast to be in the low thirties which will probably be around 35ºC maximum so around 9ºC cooler than today! According to the forecast, we should be below 30ºC by midnight. Positively glacial!

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