Positively Glacial

Only Maya went for a walk with Noel and his two cronies. They came and petted all of the dogs and then left into the gathering dusk.

The evening was warm so I sat outside until it was cool enough to go to bed around half-midnight. I wasn’t awake all that time but woke up and discovered it was cooler than before so went to bed.

Maya came inside with Sasha but decided at four that it was time to get up however I stuck it out for another fifteen minutes until the alarm went off.

There was a stiff southerly breeze which became stronger as we crossed the rocks. Kostas’ car was parked so we knew he wasn’t far away and he left just as we were walking back down for the first beach walk to Azzuro. A small dog made a bit of a fuss as we passed the caravan just before the river so I called the mob to me.

A maggot was nestled on the Big Beach and I didn’t see it until we were close by. The dogs and the maggot ignored each other. There was a lot of rubbish in one of the bins at Ammos Beach Bar so enjoyed by Isabella and Sasha, that I decided to empty it so that everything wouldn’t get blown all over the beach. The bag was very strong unlike the ones we have at Grammeno. I’m always afraid ours will splint then they’re full. Furthermore, there was a new bag at the bottom of the bin which I deployed as a replacement. Later, I saw someone straightening the chairs and collecting rubbish as I swam.

The girls went out again passing the still sleeping maggot. A guy was collecting salt on the rocks and seemed surprised to see us. Little did he know we’d already crossed those rocks several times that morning.

I checked the Bar 3 camera was working and convinced myself it didn’t need changing as I wanted to go into Paleochora for some bread and cat food. An interesting combination.

I rode in to find the bakery quite empty but Petrakis busy. I didn’t hang around and rode back for a swim off Alonàki before returning to the dogs.

I fed the girls then let out the rest before making myself a cup of tea. With cooler weather this morning I’ve drunk nothing like as much liquid as previous mornings.

Bona came to give me some money as her tab was getting a little long so I’d stopped leaving Hell out for her. The end of the month approaches so she’ll get paid in a few days so all will be well. She always pays eventually but I don’t want her to get complacent.

The bar camera stopped working once the day became hotter so I took down the one which looks towards the storeroom and workshop to replace the bar one in the morning. I’ll go there early and swap them over. That one there is obviously faulty but it can replace the one I’ve taken down. If it goes offline when it’s very hot, it doesn’t matter very much.

Later in the day, I went to see Marisa in reception as she said she couldn’t see some of the electricity meters. It transpired that one was unplugged and there was some confusion as to which was where. There was a package for me containing a batch of UniFi access points which I took back with me. I’ve been unable to buy them at a sensible price for months. Either unavailable or about double the price. I think I fell asleep for a little while as it was still hot.

All in all, it’s not been a very active day as I can see from the gaps in my Stand Hours. That was partly due to the watch battery going flat as I was swimming so that workout was lost too. The watch was on charge for about three hours to get to 70%. It’s cooler, but still hot enough to make charging slow.

Just the dogs to feed, a quick show, a visit to the kitchen and that’s about all of the excitements of the day over. Incidentally, the dogs have noticed it’s not quite so warm as they’re moving around hoping I’ll feed them.

With a high of merely 36,5ºC it’s been positively glacial in comparison to the past week. The wind has helped too. Tomorrow and the next few days are forecast to be a couple of degrees warmer but under 40ºC which I can live with.


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