Weather Station

I retired early joined by the boys plus Isabella who seemed to want to scratch rather a lot. The other two plus Obi, kept reasonably quiet during the night.

It was cool enough to require a full time T-shirt this morning. The moon was higher and was with us until the sun took over. Two vans were parked past the junction, one containing a German Shepherd. We passed nearby a couple of times and on the last, the dog was outside so there was plenty of sniffing and wagging although it probably felt a little outnumbered.

Kostas was present only in the form of his tyre tracks so either pickings were very meagre, he worked very quickly or arrived earlier than usual if that’s possible.

Having the moon made progress quicker especially across the rocks and on the beach to Azzuro. Otherwise, it was all pretty undemanding.

The girls came out with the ball so there was a certain amount of charging about mostly by Isabella and Maya. Sasha just told me off for only bringing one ball. I replied that Isabella seems to end up with them all anyway…

I exercised my brain, fell asleep and then rode to Paleochora just for a trip around. I stopped for a quick paddle around at Alonáki where there were other Old Farts swimming. The guy got out and went to his pickup, probably because his wife kept prattling on.

I fed the creatures, made tea and started to do stuff. Much of my day has been taken up with updating having found a newer version of the template which we were told would no longer be updated. I spent time transferring files around and generally enjoying myself in an IT sort of way. I also discovered a load of data I didn’t know I had!

It came to doggy teatime which recently has been a difficult time for Isabella and Maya. Interestingly, Isabella has taken to disappearing as I prepare and serve their food. It is only when I call her, having fed the others, that she appears to eat hers. Her change in behaviour is very helpful as it removes what was becoming a frequent source of conflict. Mostly on the part of Maya. Good for Isabella taking the initiative and not having to be part of the queue for food.

It has been another warm and sunny day which is encouraging seeing as it’s the main holiday period of the year. I noticed the camping is getting quite full as I rode back from Alonáki this morning. Otherwise, I don’t have cause to go out into the camping other than to the kitchen to collect my food in the evening. Previously, I used to use the loo and sometimes the shower both are now unnecessary. At the end of the month it will be one year since I received my Nature’s Head composting loo. Think of all the water I’ve saved in flushes!

Slightly cooler than yesterday by 0,2ºC. The forecast talks about the possibility of some stormy weather in the early hours of Sunday. Any rain would cause more than a certain amount of consternation at this time of the season! I recall the torrential downpour on 15 August 2015 when the camping resembled a refugee camp. Over 40mm precipitation fell in around ninety-minutes.

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