Filling Up

Maximum concentration at the kitchen as the restaurant was busy. I was only a very few moments waiting before being sent on my way with some Gigantes. One cannot have too many Big Beans.

The remainder of the evening passed by quite quickly and I was not late going to bed. I persuaded Sasha she wanted to be inside to reduce the likelihood of more hijinks on the decking in the early morning.

The night was cooler, probably the coolest for a while. The moon is climbing up the sky each day and becoming smaller into the bargain. There was no sign of Kostas but I think the tyre tracks were new. It wasn’t long before we were on our way to Azzuro avoiding the couple who were sleeping by their van under the trees in the car park. I didn’t really think it was warm enough to be sleeping outside so they might have been visitors.

To my surprise, Luis was hot on my heels then, suddenly, he disappeared until he reappeared near Azzuro for some biscuits. We completed our walk and went back to the van expecting to see him but he’d decided he’d like to accompany the girls on theirs.

I took the thrower and ran them around until they’d had enough. Luis watched from the sidelines as it was all too much for him. We were back just before seven-thirty for a little relaxation before riding to Paleochora. There were no stops except at Alonáki for a swim where there were a few waves making it more uncomfortable than the previous day. Today, the wind was from the east so pushing diagonally onto the beach. I rode back behind a huge tanker which, to my surprise appeared to be delivering water to the villas. A large rock rolled into the road so I picked it up and put it back into their entrance. Any vehicle running into that would have sustained some damage.

I released the dogs, made tea, took a shower and fed them. I filled up their food containers so had plenty of spectators once they’d finished their food.

People were arriving at the camping and possibly some even departing. I know it appeared to be busier than the day before which is what I’d expect for the first weekend in August. I went inside behind my barricades and left them to it.

The only time I came outside was to bring in the latest Hell consignment and to put away the dog food which had been delivered sometime during the day. I could see that it was now very busy to the north as people had chosen to put their tents right up close to the fence. I’m uncertain of the attraction but it will probably only be for the weekend. Perhaps I’ll discover the rest of the place is packed when I go down to get some food soon.

I kept busy doing important things including investigating more secrets of the weather template. I’ve been looking into the code especially for the historical data to see how it builds the monthly and yearly graphs. I moved some date from the old installation so will be interested to see how that affects things.

It remains to feed the dogs of which some have been confined inside with Oskar who was barking earlier as people were setting up close to the fence. Hardly surprising although he can be quite annoying when he teams up with Luis. I shall put his collar on him for this evening…

Slightly cooler than yesterday with abundant sunshine and a light breeze. At least the nights are cooler. The forecast is for similar temperature tomorrow but with an 80% possibility of some precipitation between 03:00 – 04:00 tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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