Petra presented me with my food container literally stuffed full of fartichokes, peas and potatoes, enough to feed an army. I ate around 60% then put the rest in the fridge for a rainy day.

I watched some rubbish on YouTube followed by an interesting presentation, narrated by an AI voice, about Quantum Computing. Something I’d heard about but not looked into in detail. QC could seriously change things, mostly for the better, but there are always caveats. My next light entertainment was a presentation about Particle Physics. A subject I now know a little more about. At lease I know what it is now. Apparently, Einstein might have to adjust some of his theories as they don’t seem to match with reality. Particle Physics is for extremely clever people but could be really helpful for getting around the Universe or transporting your matter to another location. It’s all very good stuff however its implementation is not something which will keep me awake late at night. After all this excitement, I went to bed.

The forecast had threatened stormy conditions around 04:00 so I turned off some of the power likely to get sprinkled and brought in Sasha. I expected Isabella and Maya to come charging in at the first thunderclap. As it turned out, the storm conveniently turned north to annoy people in Northern Greece and Albania. The only local effects were some cloud and a great deal of humidity. Maya must have been visiting her personal bathing pool then lying on different parts of the deck.

There were lots of cars in the car park which is unsurprising for the first weekend of August. Further exploration on our return from Azzuro disclosed a number of small tents littering the Big Beach and the foreshore. There may have been others in some of the other popular locations but I avoided these so that any likely occupants wouldn’t need to run the risk of having their Sunday Morning Snooze disturbed.

We completed our walk and returned to the van. I notice now I have to put on the light to decant Moggy’s morning repast. He is generally waiting for me to arrive and displays a huge amount of affection for a miserable bowl of tinned cat food. He likes it, so far be it from me…

The girls and I took the thrower and a couple of balls to the end of the Promontory and back carefully avoiding the Big Beach so as not to disturb sleeping bodies. We ran around madly and even managed to come back panting, with the same number of balls as we left with. I rearranged my brain then rode to Paleochora for some bread and a quick swim at Alonáki. I had to share the sea but it’s unsurprising on a Sunday morning at the beginning of August.

I returned to feed dogs and made tea then flopped into my chair to recuperate. The morning was whittled away, my watch charged, the fan blew and the dogs snored. I may have fallen asleep too.

I felt I should check out my torque meter which was delivered by Maria the other day. This is a funny box of electrics which can be used with a socket wrench to accurately measure torque values between 2-200Nm. I only do other measurements when forced to. I carefully read the instructions then went to tighten some of the terminal bolts on my battery pack. These had been tightened by me using my inbuilt torque device.. I couldn’t get the device to work as described in the instruction leaflet. I then discovered that the torque device cannot or had not ready the instructions so didn’t know what to do. I was about to moan at the Chinese supplier and then discovered the instructions supplied bore little relevance to the product itself. After some experimentation I discovered that these instructions might have been intended for an earlier model which is why my one didn’t know what to do. I eventually sussed it out to find I’d slightly over-tightened the battery bus bar retaining bolts. Not by that much though.

By now, the doggy rice was cooked and Oskar and I’d had a conversation about barking at the punters. Yesterday, he found himself wearing his collar.

I discovered that 15 August is Tuesday week so next weekend will likely be the busiest of the season with plenty staying over for the holiday and either weekend. At least the end of the Silly Season is in sight and it’s not been that bad since the weather cooled a little.

Today’s temperature was very nice once the humidity of the morning had passed, the breeze stirred the air and the clouds had been blown eastwards.

Cooler than yesterday however the morning was warm, humid and virtually windless. The forecast indicated temperatures in the low thirties for the next week so that will probably translate to mid-thirties on the ground.


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