Bike Lube

Petra was in a hurry again as the kitchen was very busy but managed to fill my bowl with Fakes. They were very good and I finished off with the remainder of the fartichokes from the other day. With the weather cooler, I’m feeling a little more hungry in the evenings.

The night was uninterrupted other than by the occasional gust of wind and a scratching dog. Isabella decided to keep Maya and Obi company however Sasha didn’t get a choice so was inside. I slept soundly until the alarm.

A dog was tied to the back of a pickup in the car park so a slight diversion was in order to avoid any confusion. There was a certain amount of barking however I don’t think there was anyone nearby.

We didn’t meet any humans until later on when there was a maggot-dangler on the beach going to Azzuro for the second time. There was quite a swell as we crossed the rocks on each occasion as the wind was mostly southwesterly. Even Luis made it across.

I deposited the boys, fed Moggy then set off with the girls for a walk with the thrower. They are more inclined to run around now the mornings are cooler. We were probably out for another forty-five minutes but they were tired which was the main thing.

After a pause, I rode to Anatoli for a loaf stopping for a swim at Alonáki on the way back. The wind was still mostly westerly but that didn’t matter too much. I arrived at the same time as Marisa and Kira, the most beautiful puppy in Grammeno. As ever, she was pleased to see me. She’s pleased to see everyone like most puppies. Marisa and I chatted a while and then she continued her walk as she needed to get back to relieve Maria. Apparently, Maria will be leaving end of August/ early September and working in Chania over the winter.

I swam and returned to the dogs for a shower, some food for them and a cup of tea for me. The day of inactivity began.

Not a lot has happened other than lubricating the squeaky suspension seat on my bike which was long overdue. I also lubed the chain but can see that the derailleur, chain and shifters need replacing as they are original since December 2019 and have just a few km on the clock. I spent time playing with websites and generally cruising the Web for interesting information.

The day felt cooler so I even considered turning off the cooling feature on the fan. I find it goes off earlier in the evening too as it’s cool enough and the fan is noisy. I definitely need another AC for outside next summer as this fan is on its last legs and, if I didn’t mention it before, noisy.

The camping is busier than yesterday although some of the people close to the fence have left today. This will turn into the busiest week culminating in full on madness at the weekend followed by the holiday on Tuesday. So long as the weather stays as it is, all should be well. As I explained to Marisa earlier, the group coming in the second part of the month is large but you only have one or two leaders to deal with once the delegates are settled in.

Surprisingly, there has been almost no gratuitous barking today. But then Luis and Oskar didn’t have their collars taken off this morning. They only needed to be reminded just once… Oskar then came to sulk under my chair and Luis just looked pathetically at me.

Temperatures the same as yesterday but with a cooler wind in the morning making it feel cooler. The forecast is for the thermometer to remain in the low thirties for the next few days. A really sensible temperature in my view.


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