There is some horrible little jerk riding around with a small motorcycle which he can induce to backfire when the urge takes him. The rider, I’d hate to suggest it was a male, seems to delight in riding through Grammeno (not the camping) at all hours of the night producing banging sounds with his motorbike. Piano wire springs to mind.

The wind which greeted us the previous day had disappeared so I was back to a thin T-shirt. Maya had her light on so I could see where is was. Not that she was ever very far from my side but that is gradually changing. Luis didn’t make it to the end of the Promontory but met us at Azzuro for the second coming. He walked back with us and managed to arrive with everyone else.

The most outstanding feature of this morning’s walk, other than it was not windy and so felt warmer was there were no vans or cars parked at the top of the beach. It’s as if the police came in the night to move them all on. There were just two cars in the beach car park and only one when we arrived. We discovered no FreeLoaders anywhere.

The girls came out for another forty minutes with some balls. There was a substantial amount of running around, going into the sea and chasing balls then we went back. I paused then rode to Anatoli which was brimming with tourists. They all have loads of money to spend on pastries but it has to be squeezed out of them as it seems to take an eternity for them to decide. They also ask a load of questions. The staff there are very amenable. I was super-quick as I just wanted a brown loaf and the staff have it in their hand before I can speak.

Petrakis was busy as well. More tourists unsurprisingly. There was no decent fresh ginger only stuff I wouldn’t waste my money on. So I didn’t. I bought mostly DDs stuff and made a rapid exit. I stopped for a quick swim at Alonáki due to the thawing chicken in my bike bag then returned to make the DDs and some tea before feeding the dogs.

There were things I should have been doing but I didn’t quite get around to doing most of them. One was get on with the Inter Sport router and I seem to have failed dramatically to achieve that.

Having been told by the nice person at the AC online store that nitrogen would be coming back into stock in “twenty days” I hadn’t checked the store but decided to today. To my surprise, I discovered nitrogen was again back in stock so I made up an order which included other important items and deposited some money in their bank account. They are not really big into online payment systems so it’s a matter of transferring money into their bank account which they verify before sending out the goods. Their account is at Piraeus Bank which doesn’t support instant bank transfers. They should get the money tomorrow so will hopefully process and ship the order on Monday then there’s the Holiday on Tuesday which will lengthen the process some more.

I made a purchase from another store, this time it was nutritional yeast and some green stuff which comes from the sea and is extremely good for you. I’m a bit of a fan of their nutritional yeast as it has a sort of cheesy taste to it but it goes with almost anything. It is also full of important nutrients including B12.

When I should have been doing other things, I got involved in my weather website which soaked up a little more time then there was the DDs to process. Hence the Inter Sport router making no progress.

The camping is still doing a good job at being busy. The kitchen staff seemed tired as Petra gave me a tonne of oven potatoes and some ‘fingers’. Anyway, not that long now…

The same temperature as yesterday although cooler early morning. Temperatures to continue in the low thirties until further notice. Apparently, Spain and Portugal are still having a heatwave to add to their wildfires.

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