Busy Saturday

I went to bed quite early and fell asleep soon after. The rest of the camping was quiet with just the occasional [visiting] dog barking. The night remained peaceful.

It was blowy first thing and I awoke to find Isabella had barged her way into the van as I’d not closed the gate properly. I extracted her and Sasha followed swapping herself for Maya who is normally out.

There was some wind, quite a lot of wind from a mostly northerly direction. I would not have wanted it any cooler without a thicker T-shirt. It was dark because the moon is coming to the end of its cycle, wakes up later so is at a greater angle.

The rocks were blowy and I considered the benefits of a heavier T-Shirt. It was also dark. We walked to Azzuro passing the four cars parked in the beach car park of which three were red. A couple belonged to foreign visitors and I later discovered there may have been maggots on the Big Beach. A large vehicle with a roof tent was parked along at the end of the beach road and there were a couple of Greek-registered motorhomes.

We returned from Azzuro and went the other direction over the rocks where I used a torch as it’s quicker when it’s dark and also saves me stubbing my toes on the rocks. Until recently, it wasn’t dark at this time. Methinks winter may be creeping up on us.

The second visit to Azzuro was much the same as the first except Luis met us as we started back. I’d not seen much of him until then as he was doing his own thing. We returned to the camping and then I went with the girlies after feeding Moggy. Fortunately, he cannot read as I’ve been feeding him dog food the last couple of days as there was only expensive cat food at Petrakis. I’m hoping there will have been a delivery of value food when next I visit.

We threw balls, lost balls and got wet before retuning to the camping for some quiet reflection. It was still windy but it had moderated somewhat so I rode into Paleochora to get some bread. There were fewer visitors today so it was much quicker.

I stopped at Alonáki where it was windy and the sea was messed up. There was only one idiot swimming…

My absence recording registered some absence barking but nothing to get excited about. There are lots of people and several quite barky or yappy dogs so hardly surprising. Luis was not one of the culprits.

I fed the mutts and then got on with some IT stuff which has taken up much of my day. I plan to save myself money by ditching TeamViewer so converting my clients to use RDP which is included in Windows. I’d intended to ditch TeamViewer last year but was unable to get it together in time. This year, on my advice, Inter Sport will also ditch TeamViewer.

The app for the iPad allows me to open loads of different desktops which is very convenient and also costs me nothing. As a free Remote Desktop application it’s very good. I just need to get everyone transferred over before the end of the month although my subscription ends in October.

The day has therefore been busy but warm and sunny although it is quite windy now so I’m glad of the sail shade behind me. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for keeping out both sun and wind but still providing light as well as ventilation.

Windfinder tells me it will be moderately windy most of the night and early morning but calmer during the middle of the day. That should please those wishing to go to the beach to bake in the sun and swim.

I’ve installed a clever plugin which should help to workaround the problem of scheduled posts not being sent reliably. I understand the problem is because the service provider’s cron jobs get interrupted which causes to post to miss the schedule sometimes or more often than not.

I shall pop to the kitchen to see what gives

Cooler than yesterday by several degrees made more so by the stronger wind. Similar temperatures for tomorrow and the next few days.

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