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The evening became cool. I ate my meal and watched rubbish on YouTube and the camping started to get quieter so I went to bed before ten and was asleep soon after. Spending the day with my head in my laptop might have something to do with it.

I was woken at 03:45 by Maya making small woofs which then developed into more determined barking. She was outside with Obi for company. The others had decided to come in or were press-ganged. I applied some not-so-gentle technology so Maya shut up and hid under the decking. I went outside and brought her in as I didn’t want her waking the whole camping early on a Sunday morning.

I was up before the alarm as it was pointless trying to go back to sleep at that time so just thought beautiful thoughts instead. It was when I let them all out I discovered Iera outside the gate which explained Maya’s outburst.

We hastened to the Promontory through the darkness and wind. I was wearing a thicker T-shirt. Only two or three cars were in the car park which was strange for a Sunday morning. A few more motorhomes were sprinkled along the beach track as well as the van with the roof tent. We completed our initial walk and returned to the camping.

The four girls and the thrower set off for another circuit of the Promontory which took in the rocks and the lagoon area. I threw the ball, they ran after it with Isabella always getting to it first. Job done.

There were several runners and even cyclists on the way to Paleochora. I’d decided to go over Panorama as I wasn’t going to stop then thought I’d better get some cat food and some bananas and… so stopped at Petrakis which wasn’t too busy.

The wind had died down by the time I arrived at Alonái however I was the only stupid person in the sea when I arrived. It was less rough than the day before and I sat a while in the sun but felt I should go back and do the DDs.

The dogs seemed quiet, I made the DDs after unloading my shopping and then fed them. There was no hissing or whistling from the Pot which is probably due to a new gasket, pressure relief seal and pressure valve. What a difference a few new parts make!

I did some IT stuff but not very effectively as I kept being interrupted. Maria came twice to speak to me: no end of excitement. Iera was collected quite early on. The camping was animated and the wind was blowing less than expected. As a result, it seemed quite a warm day even though the wind got stronger during the late afternoon. A bit of a Lazy Sunday really. I did find time to cut my hair and have a shower as well as wash some T-shirts as even the dogs thought I was smelly.

Warmer than yesterday but also a lot windier. The next couple of days will be calmer although there’s a 50% chance of rain forecast for 13:00 tomorrow. If that develops into something, it could mess things up a little.

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