After a mountain of gigantes and potatoes I retired early to be. Maya, Isabella and Obi were outside.

At around 22:30 there was a distant firework display which brought Isabella crashing through the gate into the van. I got up to find Maya standing outside so invited her in. I hadn’t realised Sasha went out as Isabella came in so retired to be only to get up again soon after to bring Sasha in. The remainder of the night passed uneventfully until Luis heard a cat as the alarm sounded.

The morning was dark due to the absence of the moon but warm and windless. I was back to a thin T-shirt which was more than enough. There was a lot of barking as we left the gate so I had to remind Maya this was not on the list.

All along the beach track were numerous cars, vans and motorhomes with a few cars in the car park. We discovered no maggots on the Promontory just a few on the beach which the dogs seemed to ignore. A tent or two were amongst the vans and another under the trees near the river. Certainly no shortage of FreeLoaders of which some have been around for a while.

We completed our walk and then I took out the girls with the ball. We came back suitably tired with almost the same number of balls as we left. Isabella flopped under the decking leaving the other two near me on the decking.

I rode over Panorama and around Paleochora not stopping except at Alonáki for a quick swim. The sea was calm as the wind was from the west. There were quite a few bathers not surprising for a holiday.

The camping was in full swing by the time I got back as it was now around 10:15. I had a shower, fed the dogs then made tea before sitting down for a read of my mail.

The remainder of the day has been an unmitigated succession of idleness interrupted by occasional movement to prevent total paralysis. It was warm and sunny most of the time with a cloudy spell early afternoon.

My intentions to be productive almost resulted in some activity and I even managed to change the batteries in Obi’s collar! I think the dogs are suggesting I might feed them.

Warmer than yesterday. The night and early morning were quite warm after several days of cooler starts and evenings. The forecast is for slightly higher temperatures for a few days but remaining in the mid-thirties.

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