Shooting Stars

Fartychokes were on the menu and I had some oven pots in the fridge. I went to bed to read but fell asleep leaving the bed fan on as it was warm. The night cooled down so I was able to turn it off in the early hours.

There was a more orderly departure which was almost noiseless. We crossed the field to find 75% of the vehicles from the day before had departed including the Dutch guy who’s been around for ages. He had a small tent next to his van yesterday and a Greek woman with him as they were in the sea together when I was swimming.

There was no human activity on the Promontory however, without the moon, the sky was amazing. It’s the meteor shower season so plenty to watch out for. I’ve not seen the StarLink satellites marching across the sky for ages. Not for want of looking.

Azzuro welcomed us with no surprises. The tent under the tree by the river is still there but no dogs visited. The girls enjoyed chasing around in the muddy river bed which has remained wet all through the summer. Usually, in summer, it’s arid and cracked so possible to walk up to the bridge. There is still water and it’s muddy as witnessed by some black-legged dogs. Obi had a great time and looked filthy.

The girls and the thrower came out after. Isabella dutifully picked up two balls and carried them to the Big Beach for all to play. After some intensive running around she decided enough was enough so hung onto them. We continued over the rocks then back to the camping where I paused.

Two stops today. The first at Anatoli where I jumped the queue as the visitors contemplated which flavour doughnuts to purchase for their breakfast. Or should they have rye bread, large or small. For 1,40€ for a 250gm loaf, who cares?

My visit to Petrakis was speedy as I needed only cabbage and carrot for the dogs but forgot to get lemons for me. Moggy’s in luck as there was one can of reasonably-priced cat food to make a change in flavour from the four I bought the other day.

Back to Alonáki for a swim where a group of tadpoles were receiving instruction in the art of snorkelling. They were all swimming neatly in a row with their goggles and flippers on.

The dogs were pleased, as ever, to see me. Maya tends to camp behind the gate when I go out and bark loudly when I return. Usually at Isabella who tries to ignore her. I made the DDs, fed the dogs and then made some tea.

It was getting quite warm so it was quite easy to slip off into a gently doze to find my tea somewhat cooler where I awoke some time later. I drank it and made some more.

I messed around with routers for a little while but it was quite hot so my concentration was limited. I converted some important golf score cards for Simon and he told me about something on Steven’s computer. During the ensuing conversation, it transpires Rosie is about to produce a further grandchild in the near future. Jean is in full grandmother mode despite her debilitating illness. Simon is delighted she has something fresh to focus her attention.

I have yet to process the DDs although the rice is cooked as I put that on earlier. The pot should be on the counter if Maya hasn’t eaten it all whilst I was enjoying an afternoon nap.

Warmer than yesterday. The early morning was a good temperature and things had warmed up nicely by the time I came to swim. There has been uninterrupted sunshine and hardly a breath of air.

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