I wasn’t sure how far I might get with the AC project. I increased the pressure in the pipes and heat exchangers and left it to stand for a while with no loss. There were no bubbles at the pipe joints or any of the other connections so I decided to hook up the vacuum pump and then feed the dogs. I left the pump running for about an hour as I have no accurate way of measuring a vacuum other than the pressure gauges which are designed to measure positive pressure. Nevertheless, the vacuum was created, I released the refrigerant from the compressor into the pipes, connected the power cable then pressed the on button of the remote. There was a brief pause whilst the pump got up to pressure and then we had cooling!

Following the apparent success of the operation, I collected up a load of the tools and put the large window back into the roof. Since the hinges broke several years back, I’d take it off and set it aside when it was warm then put it back for winter. The problem always is that air brings dust which makes the inside of the van more disgusting more quickly. With the AC operational, the doors and windows can remain closed much of the time and the climate can be controlled using the AC. That leaves only the dust and sand brought in by the dogs and the inevitable dog hairs especially from the more fluffy members of the pack.

I was able to watch my big screen for the first time in ages as it’s been far too hot inside to sit gazing at the box. With the number of punters in the camping, the Internet speed is much slower than winter so streaming can be a little tricky. That said, Mr Google has got it right as there’s very little buffering on YouTube. I started to watch an interesting documentary about the failure of Brexit and the groups responsible for ensuring it would be as hard as possible. I then went to bed as I was tired after my exertions so was soon asleep. I left the AC on all night although I could see it wasn’t working very much as it wasn’t a particularly warm night.

We were out just after 04:30 to find a small van parked by the beach shower and a few cars in the car park. There are now very few vehicles along the top of the beach just a couple of small tents at the Azzuro end. I later discovered some more small tents on the Big Beach as well as a couple of maggots on the beach near the sea. I carefully avoided taking the dogs that way until I was out with the girlies as it’s far easier to keep track of three dogs in the daylight than seven in the darkness. Anyway, by that time, the girls just wanted to get back for a drink and to lie down.

Our earlier walk was without drama and we found Luis waiting for us the second time we went to Azzuro. I expect he had a good nose around in the café and under the chairs. I took them all back to the van where the door was closed to keep in the cold. At the moment, I’m running the AC continuously to see how much electricity is consumed and to make sure everything is working as expected.

I paused then rode into Anatoli which was busy with families all choosing their mourning goods and generally faffing around. I was finally able to hand over my bag, get my bread and pay in around thirty seconds. I don’t even need to ask as they know what I want! I deliberately had the right money too. The servers must be very patient but the visitors seem to have loads of money to spend on pastries and cakes.

I rode back, stopping at Alonáki where I intended having only a short swim. Some of my muscles were reminding me of the additional exercise of climbing repeated up onto the roof the day before and the struggle of mounting the air handler inside the van which didn’t quite line up as I’d wished. However, I found myself quite a long way from the shore so spent more time in the water than intended. I sat for a while on the beach to dry in the sun then returned to feed the dogs and make the DDs.

There was an interest in being fed but perhaps not the same enthusiasm as usual. The boys were enjoying the Air Conditioned waiting area leaving the girls outside with the noisy fan. I fed them, showered after my swim, then completed the DD preparation before putting it in the pot. Then I was able to have a cup of tea and a sit down.

The morning rumbled by unhindered as I wasn’t feeling much like doing stuff after all the previous day’s activity. Climbing the ladder onto the roof was very good for my glutes but I’m paying the price today. The van roof is not the most accessible location for the compressor but it makes sense as it’s off the ground so slightly less dusty. The compressor is protected from the rain and the sun by the roof above which helpfully traps air at all times of the year.

Later, I became all enthusiastic about cleaning having processed the DDs. Several of the dogs had joined me inside and it was a lot cooler and more comfortable in there too. I cleaned the windows as well as the counter top having removed all of the clutter and rubbish. I’m hoping, with the roof light back in position, there might be slightly less dust inside…

I fed the dogs then went for food where I learned that Maria will be leaving the kitchen in September to work in the reception as MARIA will have left. I didn’t think to ask when she starts back at the office.

The camping is busy and will be busier tomorrow as the Yoga Group arrives. Apparently, all will be staying in the camping as a chunk of the accommodation has been allocated to them. Others will be renting tents from the camping or bringing their own. Around one hundred bodies are expected in all.

I met someone who is counting the days until the end of the month and freedom.

Today has been warm with plenty of sunshine interrupted by some occasional cloud. There is a gentle breeze.

The same high as yesterday but a little warmer during the night. The weather should remain almost the same for the next few days.

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