Horrid Racket

Loads of rice/spinach from the kitchen which was unsurprisingly very busy. Needless to say, I didn’t get through it all and the remains now lurk in the fridge.

We watched Simon Templar and Frost, I’ve obviously seen them all before but, it’s like Morse and Kavanagh QC, they can be watched plenty of times as there’s always something new.

For most of the evening and into the night, there was a horrid racket which appeared to come from Alonáki direction so I was wondering what we might find in the morning.

The morning and night were very warm but tempered by a decent breeze. There were more vehicles along the beach road and in the car park. Probably from the Horrid Racket event. A large 4×4 with a roof tent was even parked on the beach as well as a small, one-man bivvi right next to the sea. There was room to pass between it and the water but the occupant really wanted to be able to hear the waves.

We made it round our daily course with fewer absentees than the day before. As for Luis, he was there at the end and didn’t get into mischief. I think he just checks for food in ABB and under the chairs on Grammeno, Alonáki and Azzuro beaches.

The girls came out for a further trip round but without the ball. They compensate by chasing each other madly which does it for me and saves throwing the ball.

I paused before going into Petrakis for some carrots and other stuff including ginger and lemons. It was busy so I didn’t linger. There were waves at Alonáki so I bobbed up and down for a while. The lady with the dog was there however the dog wasn’t up for swimming today.

I fed dogs and made DDs which has yet to be processed. I made tea with the intention of drinking it but it was cold when I eventually woke up. I must have been tired for some reason.

The morning evolved into the afternoon. I’m quite interested in adding an air quality monitor to my weather station data as well as recording my indoor AQ and temperature. There are many pretty devices costing well over 200€ which is not my level of interest. However, I discovered it’s possible to obtain the components and build one very simply for less than 50€! The bits are not terribly expensive and are simple to assemble. Just a matter of installing some software, configuring the device and soldering a few wires. I bought two sets one for inside the other for outside.

I played around with my weather website and am working on a way to create the missing months from this year’s data. I may need to get into writing scripts to do this as there’s a lot of data since seven-and-a-half months are missing for 2023!

You will not have received the full version of yesterday’s blog which can be found here:


Today was 0,1ºC warmer than yesterday on both max and min temperatures. There was a similar amount of rain. It was sunny with wind in the morning to keep me amused in the sea. Today, the early wind was mostly northerly which was very comfortable.

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