Maria tells me the camping kitchen will close in around one month which is why she has chosen to work in the office following MARIA’s departure at the beginning of September.

Petra presented me with Gemista with potatoes on the side. There was a little room left so I consumed more of the spinach/rice. The remainder will be offered to the dogs.

The Yoga Group stayed on Janne and Erica’s territory until well after dark and Toni erected some lights overhead. Janne and Erica had seen the people in their camera so were very disappointed not to have been informed/asked.

I was woken just before three by Luis replying to the little white dog which sleeps outside the small tent erected right next to my fence. I leave the reader to draw conclusions regarding proximity and positioning.

The morning was initially quite windy so I put on my t-shirt. There were fewer cars and vans along the beach track which makes life less complicated. It’s a little annoying when Isabella goes to drink from a water bowl left outside for the incumbent as it’s almost inevitable there will be a response from within. All of the dogs seemed very nosy this morning except for Maya who spent much of her time with me. She later refused her breakfast and had already returned her evening meal. Usually, she’s one of the first from the gate.

A couple of maggots became visible as we walked towards Azzuro for the second time. The dogs dutifully walked past ignoring them. The maggots had left when we walked back. Luis managed to show up for biscuits leaving Obi as the tail-end Charlie.

The ball thrower came out today and we managed to come back with more balls than with which we left. There was a great deal of running about so all three have remained quiet and mostly inside.

My day has not been very productive other than a couple of IT related emails and answering some reviews on the Google sites. The weather started a little windy and looks to end that way. It has been mostly sunny although it’s clouding over now.

Warmer than yesterday with temperatures over 29ºC during the night and early morning. At present, the forecast daytime temperatures are quite accurate however the nighttime ones are considerably lower than actual.

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