The evening was dominated by the presence of The Group next door. Earlier on, a small group set up right up against the fence and there was even a small dog scratching around in the leaves. My lot seemed fairly relaxed with only the occasional woof. I fed them and waited for the small group to go however more arrived so it turned into a bigger meeting and finally a raucous event. I put most of the dogs inside then went to get food from the kitchen. Petra was convinced I’d disappeared somewhere. As I passed the foul water sump AKA poo tank, I could see Toni struggling with the pump which was not playing the game. He was very happy and the aroma was magnificent.

I kept all bar Obi, Isabella and Maya inside then had something to eat. Petra had awarded me a huge foil container of Fartichokes, potatoes and peas half of which I put into the fridge. There was also a small bean salad. I watched a couple of BBT and Young Sheldon and the evening was over.

I’d managed to forget to charge my watch and phone so put the phone on charge on the decking and plugged the watch into a battery which I took to bed. Later, once my watch was charged, I put it on however the alarm didn’t go off. It was only at 04:45 that I woke up.

We had a shorter walk without a second visit to Azzuro to catch up some of the time. I took the girls with a ball later and we met a couple with a large Chocolate Lab on the Promontory.

The Crazies ran around for a while but it was warm and they tired after a short time so we just walked and went back. The same couple with their dog were swimming off Alonáki when we passed back across the beach.

I paused and then rode into Paleochora for a cruise around as I had no need for anything. It was around 31ºC so I didn’t hang around too long. I stopped at Alonáki where I met Kira taking Marisa for a walk. Kira wasn’t too impressed when I was wearing a cycle helmet but calmed once I removed it. Reminiscent of Heidi with Greeks wearing sunglasses. She’s happy about English with sunglasses, just not Greeks.

I swam around in a mostly flat sea, sat on the shingle to dry off then back to the camping to feed the dogs and get a shower.

Oskar didn’t join us for our walk today even though I went back to invite him personally. He has been inside since yesterday evening but seemed happy to munch a bowl of food which I gave him as I fed Luis.

I made tea and sat down to do important things but ended up falling asleep. Strange considering we were up later today so didn’t walk so far.

I wandered the camping a couple of times to see if I could find Silvia, Kalliope and Ingo. The camping was busy and they were not by their tent or on the beach as far as I could see. I had an involved chat with Yiannis, the electrical guy as his minions installed a bigger, more powerful poo pump. Toni was fabricating an interesting cage around the base of the pump presumably to try to prevent larger debris from blocking the pump. I always thought lift pumps were preferable for moving sewage for this very reason.

I was happy to get back to my refuge as the camping was hot and crammed with a lot of humanity. I’m not terribly excited at the thought of being amongst so many people.

I played with my weather station data and have discovered there is a useful script which exports data from the Meteobridge device to a CSV file which can be dumped into the appropriate folder for the template. Just need to find the script.

Ingo suggested we go together for a meal but it’s difficult for me to leave the dogs when the camping is so full. I’m not happy about leaving them all inside when I’m away for a while so suggested initially we dine in at the camping restaurant this evening. However, I thought better of it so have suggested we postpone until Sunday evening once the Group has departed on Sunday. They leave on Monday.

Most of the dogs have spent much of the day in the van. Oskar has yet to venture out! Only Isabella is currently under the decking asleep. It has been the hottest day of the month with the heat index approaching 40ºC. There has been a little wind, more in the afternoon.

I’m hoping this will be the last busy weekend of August! Not that difficult as it’s the last weekend in August anyway. UK will be having a Holiday Weekend with a Bank Holiday on Monday!

The highest temperature so far this year was 44ºC on 28 July but August may be hotter on average.

The hottest day of the month so far with a Heat Index approaching 40ºC, however, Monday is forecast to be warmer. The humidity reached 72% which gave the high

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