Last Sunday

The Group arrived as I’d feared they might however I’d fed the dogs to ensure I was ahead. Most of the dogs went inside so I slid off to the kitchen for some food earlier rather than later.

Only Obi, Isabella and Maya stayed outside as I took the rest in for the remainder of the evening. The Group finally left well after dark.

I’d arranged that Kalliope and Ingo would meet us for the second walk so managed to leave slightly earlier than usual as I was awake anyway.

Sunday mornings are often quite busy as people come to stay over Saturday night. Indeed, several quad bike were parked in the beach car park as well as a few cars. I decided not to walk the dogs via the Big Beach on the second visit to The Promontory.

Being that bit earlier, it was significantly darker as we walked back over the beach where I dropped the boys at the van and fed Moggy. We were a little ahead so I used the time to pick some poo before meeting Kalliope and Ingo in the car park. They arrived at the exact same time as we did.

The second walk was much longer than normal so the dogs were completely tired by the time we were back after some 3:40 of walking. To be honest, so was I so I entertained my brain then fell asleep during my meditation. Easily done at the best of times.

I decided to ride to Paleochora for a loaf of bread and swim from Alonáki on the way back. The beach was starting to get busier as I left to go back to feed the dogs.

My day was less than a Holiday Weekend as in UK as I’d said I would exchange the router in Lewes as well as set up Sue’s laptop to join the network via VPN. It was only when I came to set up RDP that I discovered it was Windows Home and not Pro. Only the Pro version has RDP. Tricky seeing as Sue is the main user of remote access. Some of the corporate savings will be used to update Sue’s license.

I communicated with Ray at Lewes to established that we could otherwise things would have been complicated later. The Lewes store closes at 16:00 whereupon, hopefully, we will be able to quickly swap out the routers.

I plan to have a meal with Silvia, Kalliope and Ingo at the camping bar around seven as they leave tomorrow.

Slightly warmer than yesterday as predicted by the forecast. Plenty of warmth and sunshine for the last Sunday of August. Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer with temperatures cooling for the next few days.

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