More Leaving

Fassolakia was on the menu tonight but I still have my little box from the evening before.

We watched the denouement of Poirot but I’d guessed whodunnit anyway. I looked at another episode from The Dog House Australia which was pretty good. The format is obviously very predictable but it’s interesting to see what people want or expect from a rescue dog. I watched Drone Police followed by Fresh Fields and then went to bed after clearing up.

The morning was a lot cooler and calmer too. Only Maya and Obi were outside so noisy Isabella and Sasha were my captives. Today, Oskar decided to join us but is still bothered by his sore patch.

There are fewer vehicles along the beach road and the Dutchman wasn’t present for a change. We completed our daily workout with no real excitements. I forced Oskar into the sea to bathe his sore bit and actually got him to swim at one point. The salt probably drove him mad for a while but he’s always mad and the salt is what it’s about. We took some time to watch Jupiter setting as well as the moon which was frequently obscured by clouds to the southwest. Full moon will be tomorrow.

The girls came out with the thrower so lots of rushing around at the beginning. With only one ball, Isabella kept control once she’d had enough. I paused, then rode to Paleochora for Bread with a stop at Alonáki for a quick dip. The wind was mostly southwesterly so it was easy in the shelter of the land. I heard barking at one point which lasted only seconds. Probably inquisitive children at the gate.

There are far fewer customers at the top of the camping which is mostly occupied with rental tents. Perhaps only three or four tents above me are occupied and people were packing up. The remainder of the camping has yet to be explored.

I understand MARIA will be leaving us shortly however I shall only probably find out once she’s gone!

I fed the dogs and filled up the food containers with the usual amount of ‘assistance’ from the girls. The boys don’t even bother to compete. The girls were lucky today as I spilled some biscuits but there was no fighting.

I made tea and sat down to make some final adjustments to the routers and VPNs at Inter Sport. Tomorrow, I think is when their TeamViewer licence runs out so I need to finish off the last bits. I’ve told TeamViewer I will not renew my licence this year. They recently sent me a renewal reminder.

I messed with the booking website for a while and have transferred the information from the Google site to a page there. I can add some images and perhaps make a more interesting site. We will see.

I cleaned the AC filters as they were quite dusty. Keeping them clean takes no time, stops the heat exchangers from clogging up making the air handler quieter and more efficient.

Today was cooler with some wind and early cloud. Most of the dogs have been mostly inside and I didn’t feel the need to switch on the floor fan. A bonus as it’s quite noisy to say the least.

Significantly cooler with some light wind and early cloud. Still very pleasant weather for the fag-end of August. More of the same for the next few days.


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