September Begins

Fakes were on the menu and what a lot I got! Whilst eating, I watched a gripping episode of The Professionals followed by the remaining part of a very interesting documentary on radioactive waste and the naughty things governments and the industry in general have been doing. It’s quite a lengthy film but brings home some of the activities which go on under our noses and the liberties some governments take with their people. Residents of the southern part of UK will be particularly interested on the revelations concerning the ‘reprocessing’ of nuclear waste in a facility on the north coast of France and the levels of permitted contaminants which flow gently over to the Southern Counties.

Radioactive Waste: A Nuclear Nightmare – and it is!

It was a cooler evening so I turned down the AC as I ate an oggled but failed to readjust it before retiring to my boudoir. The temperature remained stable however the humidity increased so I woke up feeling very warm. A quick adjustment and we all felt a lot more comfortable.

The morning was less humid but still warm. The moon had a much easier time to begin with as it was higher and the cloud lower. We made good progress in the moonlight, my mind was on other things, so the walk passed quickly by.

There were the same vans and motorhomes but no visible maggots or tents discovered on The Promontory. Today, most of the dogs kept up well but Oskar declined to join us. We were back considerably earlier due to it being cooler and lighter because of the moon

The girls, plus Skinny went for the second walk. He was hanging around by the gate hoping I might not notice he wasn’t in the van. I think he found the outing with the Crazies more demanding than he expected. It will be interesting to see if he tries to accompany them tomorrow.

Isabella brought two balls so we went into the sea to retrieve them and raced around in the sand quite a bit. Maya runs with Isabella after the ball but Sasha quickly turns back hoping that I will launch a ball for her but in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Isabella cottons on to the other ball, abandons the one she has to race after the second one which Sasha usually drops for her. Isabella and the sisters come back whereupon I send them to retrieve the first ball. We managed to come back with all the balls today.

My normal morning routine was interrupted as I played around with router VPNs. My brain training was postponed until later and my daily meditation was missed. I left for a trip to Anatoli and a black loaf. I stopped for a quick swim at Alonáki and was not alone on the beach or in the water. I splashed around for a while then lazed on the beach to dry off. I noticed it was not quite so warm but there was a stiff breezes and the sun is losing its intensity.

There is a large expanse of emptiness at the top of the camping on both sides but a plethora of rental tents and a couple of private tents remain. I’ve not examined the lower part of the camping recently as I only got as far as the kitchen yesterday evening.

I fed dogs and made tea then got on with a support call from Ellis at Wisdom Sports. The Windows 7 computer he’s been clinging onto decided to dump its profile so I suggested it was not worth the effort to fix it as we were soon to upgrade it anyway. We concentrated our efforts on ensuring the upgraded, Windows 10 computer had the receipt printer and could do everything previously done by the other.

Since all of the computers to be upgraded are the same, I think we can save lots of time by getting one correct then cloning the one to all the others. The thought of setting up five workstations is a little much. I’m looking at cloning software as things have moved on since I’ve done any cloning and my version is for Windows operating systems which are no longer current or in use.

I spent more time trying to work out why the VPN to Haywards-Heath is so slow. It seems it’s only the one at H-H which is slow as the others work quickly enough but are configured identically. As I write, I’m using the H-H VPN to see how quickly it works. I’ve not really noticed it being any slower than without a VPN. I’m finding out lots of new stuff about the latest connection methods and authentication procedures. Some a much quicker than others.

Other than a little windy, there have been periods of cloudiness during the day, even overcast at one point. Nevertheless, it’s been warm enough. Things are cooling down now though.

A look ahead brings the possibility of thunderstorms mid-week which, if were to actually occur, could seriously impact on the punters’ desire to remain in the camping. Especially those in tents.

When Edward and I were here in 2011, there were a few days when it became quite stormy with rough seas with strong, cold winds. We reverted to woolly jumpers for a few evening but then we were of sterner stuff. But only the hardy persevered and we holed up in the bar area with the sides down it was so unpleasant. I suspect that was in October though.

Slightly warmer than yesterday despite the cloud and the wind. The forecast warns of the possibility of stormy weather next week which bodes unwell…
Monthly summary for August 2023. Somewhat cooler than July by 10ºC

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