Baked aubergine halves and potatoes were the dish of the day and very tasty too. I watched Wycliffe which I find quite easy on the brain. The nasty murderer got away with it on a technicality however the vengeful family eventually caught up with him. Wycliffe was at odds with his superior as is his way. I eventually lost interest in the day and retired to bed quite early once more. This time I took the AC remote and changed the temperature.

The night was the coolest for a long time so I felt the temperature difference as I walked out onto the decking. With plenty of moonlight we strode down the Promontory, over the rocks and to Azzuro and back in no time. It was the coolest morning for quite a while. The same vans littered the beach track however the motorcyclist with a tent has now disappeared having been with us a couple of weeks.

I took the boys back and left with the girls, a couple of balls and the thrower. Isabella was tired so clenched the two balls between her teeth for the duration. Fine by me as we were quicker going round.

I paused and eventually rode to Petrakis to order dog food and horrid energy drink for Bona. I think she’s had something like 70l so far. She doesn’t drink all herself but still. Everything appeared in the storeroom later in the day. I returned via Alonáki and the sea where there were some people swimming and others doing more talking than swimming. I loafed in the sun but not for long as time was getting on.

There have been some achievements during the day. I managed to setup the AC to work with the phone app. This might seem very nerdy but is in fact very handy as the remote control has a small screen crammed with information. It’s also easy to leave in the wrong place and difficult to see in the dark. It doesn’t manage all of the functions but the phone app does enough and can be operated from anywhere with WiFi or 3/4G.

I eventually found the additional air filters which came with the AC unit. Whoever supplies them failed to include the company name and contact details. Anyway, I have bought some activated charcoal sheets from China which can easily be cut to fit and at a fraction of the cost.

The order of nutritional yeast delivered in huge polythene bags has been decanted into containers for convenient storage. I have yet to decant the green algae stuff but there’s not so much of that. But it is very good for one…

We have some noisy neighbours but only for one night I suspect. There were quite a few arrivals last evening according to Toni who was moving around a lot settling them in. It will be quiet again tomorrow night.

We are still being threatened with stormy weather from Tuesday. I recall not having been here very long and there being a long and very wet storm with plenty of thunder and lightning. Everything under the van was washed away to be found littering the beach the following morning. If memory serves, I was on a support call to Inter Sport for quite a while during it. Since last ‘winter’ was so dry, I’m interested to see what weather this winter will bring.

I had a messenger conversation with Peter, who stayed at the camping for the 2019/2020 winter and found himself at Koutsounari for lockdown. He tells me he’s closed up shop in UK to move back to his little place in the east. Currently, he’s looking after a dog for a friend so up and about early in the morning for walkies. Not quite as early as us though.

I played with my EweLink app which now works on the iPad and also in a web browser. It allows you to customise what you see, view consumption information and turn stuff on and off. EweLink offers a wide range of Smart Home devices which are set up and controlled via the EweLink software. These include the power meters used by the motorhomes and accommodation so it means I can create a separate view for each category. Cunning stuff!

The wind is getting up, the dogs are getting bored as they know it’s teatime so I’d better get on with it…

A cooler night and start to the day followed by sun and a little wind at times.

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