Routers Again!

Peas and potatoes for supper together with an episode of Murder in Provence where the doctor dunnit. Then tidy up and bed whilst listening to something else. The neighbours were a little noisy but have either left or will leave tomorrow. According to Anna, there are lots of people having a long weekend.

We were out around four-thirty crossing the field in broad moonlight. There was a breeze so it was pleasant. Lots of cars in the car park indicated the likelihood of maggots and small tents. Indeed, there were some small tents just to the south of the car park. A similar collection of motorhomes and vans spaced along the beach track and even a person or persons unknown sitting in the darkness at the southern end of Alonáki Beach.

We lost Maya on the first visit to Azzuro. Entirely my fault as I was mulling over my router problem as I walked along so allowed her to get left behind. She used the opportunity to visit Bona, Tarti and the boys who were petting her when I eventually went back to collect her a while later.

Only two girls were on the second walk and it was my turn today not to release the ball. It was becoming windy so Isabella was getting pottier than usual. I didn’t think it would do her any harm to run around with Sasha for a bit. Bonding in the absence of Maya and all that.

I played with the Wisdom Sports router and managed to get the VPN running at a sensible speed. Lots of messing around and configuration changes but eventually it was just a case of setting the MTU size and rebooting the routers at either end. The solution sound pretty simple just that working it all out is the tough part. I’m getting quite good with these routers now. I then went to collect Maya leaving me to go into Paleochora on my bike for a loaf of bread. The wind had taken my bread bag so they even had to give me a new one today.

I didn’t swim as it was windy, late and I had DDs to prepare. I fed the dogs then did the DDs before making tea and settling down.

I wanted to consolidate my recently-gained networking knowledge so spent much of the day just playing with the network. It was never planned. It started with the shop which is now Cook then moved across the road to what was Woolworth. The Seaford store was to be a packing and online shopping facility then turned into a shop. Then there was a router for the offices above Cook followed by the acquisition of Wisdom Sports in H-H. So, like Topsey, the network grew. All of it is interconnected with the hub in Lewes. The routers connect each satellite facility to Lewes. More important at one time as the POS system was a series of databases at each location exchanging information and the mail flowed over the network too. I would like to get it better organised since we’ve just changed two routers and are about to mess with the computers.

Much later, Internet went off and there was no WiFi so I guessed something had happened in the office. One of my rare forays into the camping armed with keys and my phone.

Sure enough, the power circuit in the office had faulted and the UPS had kicked-in to keep the equipment running. There was a disconnection between the AC going off, no power and no Internet. The equipment doesn’t take kindly to power failures as it’s becoming fragile at times and then the batteries in the UPS ran out!

Marisa was on duty as MARIA is in Chania and Maria still in the kitchen. She was busy with customers so not really interested in technical problems.

We discussed when she might be leaving; as far as she’s concerned the sooner the better as she has jobs lined up and interviews to attend. Despite MARIA being offered a teaching post somewhere in Chania which could possibly even include Gavdos, MARIA has this notion she will work with Marisa for the part of the day she’s not in class.

I don’t want to get involved in September however I’m keener to start earlier at the end of the season rather than go on into May and June when it’s gearing up. By then, it’s getting warmer, I’m tired and have had enough.

I’ve had three enquires from people from last season for this winter season already. I appreciate that Marisa wants to move on to other work and understand that the place is very quiet once the kitchen and bar close. Also, there’s not enough work for even one full time person to do. Maria, in my view, should concentrate on her job and forget Grammeno. It seems to be like an obsession to her.

Cooler and much windier than yesterday. It could still be a little unsettled on Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday but there’s still time.

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