Fakes, and they were plentiful and so tasty too! I ate and watched The Royal followed by some more YouTube shorts which are very addictive.

The forecast was for unpleasant weather so I spent the first couple of minutes of the day examining the forecast to discover rain was predicted at 05:00. I ignored the advice as we were ready to go so off we went.

Zero cars in the car park and only two larger vans the whole length of the beach track. There was considerable cloud which filtered the moonlight providing a reasonable view ahead.

We hastened in case it should change its mind, whilst watching the distant lightning dancing over the mountains. I’m sure it rained, just not here.

It was dark as we came back from the first walk to feed Moggy, who was not there, then set off again as the daylight arrived. I had the thrower and Isabella the balls. I didn’t want to hang around so engaged in some energetic activity at the beginning which lead to dashing about then bathing. We were back by 07:20 which was fortunate as I had stuff to do.

I reexamined the forecast and decided it would be safe to wait before riding to Paleochora for some bread and groceries. I was out of fresh ginger which is a pretty terrible situation. I ended up buying lots of stuff as one does.

I’d decided it was too cold and windy to go swimming as had everyone else as the beach was empty except for one man paddling to his ankles. The sun broke through the clouds so I cast caution to the winds and went in for a short time. Short mostly because it was windy so the roughness of the sea was quite annoying.

Once back, I fed the creatures and made tea with my new supply of fresh ginger.

There was one support call for the day although I’d already done some updates, set up RDP and installed some fonts on the print room computer at Inter Sport.

It was not hot outside but most of the dogs went inside. I spent time playing with weather data and working out how to export the correct data to make up for missing information in the 2023 year. I’ve since discovered that the template has been changed so I need to export the month data for the other years. I think I have the correct information, just a matter of formatting it correctly.

The weather has been a mixture of showers, cloud, thunder and a little wind. Right now, it is raining gently although harder than at any other time today. I’m sitting here is shorts, T-Shirt and thin fleece not feeling overly warm. I don’t know what’s on the menu tonight but either it needs to come hot or be warmed up. In fact the fakes yesterday had come from the fridge so were put in the pot for ten minutes. Did I say they were plentiful and very tasty?

Fortunately, the forecast weather headed north to annoy the people of Evia and the Peloponnese. I should imagine there was rain in the mountains and other parts of Crete. A generally uninspiring day for the first week of September.

Cooler and a lot wetter than yesterday but nothing like what was forecast. Tomorrow may also be unpredictable.


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