Skinny Weather

Last night’s repast was a plentiful supply of Horta with potatoes. I’ve taken to heating up the evening repast as it’s not quite so warm now. Back in the hot weather, it was very pleasant to eat cold. I engaged my brain in an episode of Drone Police, BBT followed by The Good Doctor which I started watching when it first appeared but now on a streaming channel.

Luis decided to wake me up a couple of times in the night. He was probably barking at some external noise but the night was a little electrically charged as we discovered in the morning.

It didn’t rain so everything was pleasantly dry and warm. There were two largish motorhomes on the track and nothing in the car park, only one rental car near Alonáki Beach as we come out. They may have been sleeping nearby as we saw them later.

I noticed Mr ABB has bought a premium dog kennel for his viscous guard dog. I take back what I said about leaving him in the rain. He woofed a few times anyway.

The sky was charged with electricity as witnessed by the following:

It probably looked more impressive at the time… The sound is the wind, not thunder and the flashing at the bottom of the image is Obi’s collar light!

The air was quite charged as all of the dogs were affected but most of all Skinny. There was some noise to accompany the light show but couldn’t be classed as loud thunder. I thought it would be better to walk all of the dogs the full walk rather than waste time going back to drop off the boys. I felt that if it were to rain at least we will have had a good walk. As it was, I took the girls and Oskar out for an additional walk with the thrower. Oskar pottered along and the girls ran after the ball and into the sea. The people attached to the white car seemed to be preparing to leave as we eventually returned to the camping after completing just under 10km.

I rested and exercised my brain whilst waiting for the weather to decide what it would do. It eventually decided, the sky cleared and blueness replaced the darkness and flashing. It soon warmed up. I had no urgent need to go to Paleochora so decided I’d go for a swim in the afternoon when the wind and sea was calmer.

I spent much of my morning fiddling with my weather data and updating the historical information which now goes back to 2019 as this is the last point available in the current iteration of the template. With the information I now have, it was not difficult to export the data from my weather server in a useable format then replace the dummy data in the existing files. All extremely nerdy but this website is quite easy to use so provides quick access to lots of hopefully useful information:

Using a pointing device, it’s possible to view the information for the individual day. Not quite so easy on a phone but still possible.

This is just an image so the live data is not displayed when hovering over it or trying to press any buttons. You have to use the url above.

Once I’d finished playing with my website, it was time for a swim so I walked around to Alonáki Beach the long way, swam then loafed in the sun for a few moments before walking back for a warm, outdoor shower.

I discovered that Luis was not one of the dogs I thought was inside however he seemed unperturbed by my quite lengthy absence for a change.

Today has been much more pleasant than yesterday regarding the weather at least. Warmer and less windy with no moisture from above.

As it’s Friday, there are bound to be some weekend visitors but I think the punters will be calmer than of late.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and less wind. The outlook for the next few days is still unsettled.

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