I enjoyed some very pleasant fassolakia with potatoes and salad. I watched an episode of Lewis until nearly bedtime then a foray onto YouTube for something demanding. For a Friday evening, the camping was quiet but then there were only around forty customers. I have a feeling the decision to close the kitchen may well be sooner rather than later. The bar, no doubt, will follow soon after. Even now, some of the fridges look bare.

Around four I woke so waited a few minutes before getting up. There was wind so I put on a polo shirt with a light fleece draped over my shoulders which I put on properly at the end of The Promontory. The sky was overcast yet the moon was doing its best to make a job of it. Only the two motorhomes remain and Azzuro shows signs of beginning to pack up. The chairs were stacked up right at the top of the beach and some of the umbrellas were washed away by the sea. It all looked a little bare in the sitting area too.

I’ve noticed the sea daffodils AKA lilies are springing up all over and not just the areas which are sprinkled or near the irrigation hoses. They usually appear around the end of August. The recent precipitation has brought an abrupt pause to the salt-gathering season as most of the hollows are now filled with rainwater. Unless there is a strong sea to cover the rocks followed by some very sunny days, I feel it’s the end of the sea salt season too.

It seemed to warm up as the walk progressed. A couple of maggot-danglers appeared around five-thirty wondering why their peace was being shattered by a load of flashing dogs. I wanted to explain that this time of day is reserved for me as everyone else can do what they like for the rest.

I came out with Oskar and the girls to throw balls and be generally active. We exceeded nine kilometres but not quite ten. At one point, there was a lost ball but Isabella was determined to rescue it from up a tree. She’s quite a big girl to be climbing trees.

On the way back into the field, the girls decided to revisit the smelly fish which one of them had acquired earlier. They collectively smelt bad enough in my opinion so were in need of no further scent enhancement. As they approached, I asked them to ‘leave’ which they did. Slightly later, I discovered that Maya was no longer nearby so turned to discover she’d doubled-back. I sent her a little vibratory message which spurred her into instant conformity. We have enough Smelly Fish-Dogs!

I waited then rode to Paleochora for bread and groceries as it’s DDs day. For a Saturday morning, it didn’t seem very busy as the two cashiers were chatting to each other. I picked up some Large, Black, Kalamon, Olives and also the last of the reasonably-priced cat food. We have sufficient for a further ten days. Moggy can relax now.

I fed the dogs, made the DDs with the help of Luis then made tea. I excluded all of the others as they like to come inside to ‘help’ which involves me having to step over at least three or even possibly four larger dogs in a fairly small motorhome. Luis was the only one to get some raw cabbage.

There were some minor adjustments to my weather website which resulted from the resetting of the server the other day. I had to replace an absent cron job and patch in some missing data. It should have occurred to me before anyway.

I played around with the wintertime website injecting images and the like to make it more attractive and useful. I have a feeling, given the poorer weather and camping numbers, my holiday will come to an end at the same time as the month. This is pure supposition as I haven’t spoken to MARIA or Marisa and, as usual, no one seems to know what’s going on. I feel sure I will be informed in the fullness of time. October is a very quiet month anyway.

There is now a cooler wind which has encouraged me to put on a polo shirt. I don’t feel that warm. It’s been a generally warm and sunny day though.

The sisters are amusing each other and Oskar is telling me it’s well-past teatime.


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