I staggered back from the kitchen under the weight of Gigantes but had to wait before eating as I’d made a huge mistake with the Pot. Having carefully washed and put the rice into the pan and then into the pot, I put on the lid but then forgot to set the pot going. Only when I was almost ready to serve the dogs their evening meal did I discover the error. It was already nearly half-six then anyway.

We went inside as it was cool outside. I wrote my blog and the dogs dutifully slept patiently waiting for their food. Nevertheless, as soon as I closed my iPad, they leapt to their feet and were ready at the door. I fed them then put some rice on to have with the Gigantes. The combination was very pleasant however somewhat later than anticipated. Whilst eating, I watched an episode of Perry Mason from the 50s as I’d not seen one in ages. There was time for some YouTube shorts and it was bed.

The wind blew all night rocking the van and chucking stuff around outside. It’s so untidy, it doesn’t matter as a little more clutter makes no difference.

We were out just after 04:30 buffeted by the wind as we crossed the field towards the beach. I’d forgotten about the Smelly Fish however the dogs hadn’t so I had to remind them to leave it. Crossing the rocks was blowy as the wind was generally northerly. Pushing against it going to Azzuro was challenging too. Most of us arrived, even Oskar who required no bribery, but decided to join us at the last moment.

I had a feeling the dogs would have gone back following the first visit to Azzuro rather than the second. I told them we were made of sterner stuff and don’t give up that easily. Interestingly, there were not too many other people about this morning. Not one fisherman or even a walker.

The second walk got off to a good start until we lost the ball right at the beginning. We all looked hard but to no avail so we continued without. Isabella managed to find the ball on the way back which was a bonus.

It was now still windy and forecast to remain so for a while. I used the opportunity to write a little more of the website then eventually released the dogs and fed them.

The morning blew on and most of the dogs went inside even though there was no AC on. The wind was supposed to moderate which was when I intended to go into Paleochora to buy some bread. By the time I actually went in, it was still windy so care was required to navigate some sections of the route. I had to buy a seeded loaf as there was no brown left. It was much easier riding back with the wind behind.

MARIA has been dying to tell me that she will be staying at the camping during the winter. Presumably, she is working at a school nearby. As far as I know, Paleochora schools started back today. I anticipate the excitement of being at the camping during the winter will soon wear thin once she discovers how cold and windy it can be. Unless she plans to join the customers in the Common Room and buys an electric blanket. On previous occasions, when she’s threatened to stay at the camping, I’ve suggested she’d be much better off staying with Martha where it’s warm and there’s someone to talk to. She’s working at a school in Kantanos she now tells me. It snows up there!

I communicated with Erica, who was still in bed when she received my missive. I expected them to be up early however they still arrived too early for the flight which was probably delayed anyway due to autumnal fog. The bane of Heathport Aero at one point. The voyagers may arrive late, probably past my bedtime.

As can be seen, the wind has been fairly consistent all day long
Cooler than yesterday and predominantly windy. The wind should start to moderate tomorrow morning although tomorrow will still be quite windy at times. Things should quieten down by Wednesday.

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