Last night was fart pellets AKA chickpeas which were in an interesting sauce. I had a seeded loaf I knew would not last the course as I ate all of it. The same price as a brown but a lot less loaf for your money and not very whole meal into the bargain. I watched ‘Life On Mars’ which was very good. I saw the whole series years ago but I get more out of it the second time around anyway.

I fell asleep in front of whatever I was watching afterwards, decided to go to bed but had a message from Erica to say they were on their way from the airport. I was still feeling sleepy so I got everything done and lay down on my bed ready for their arrival. I was sure Maya, the only dog outside, would make a racket anyway.

They arrived after eleven. Maya was asleep and made no sound so I woke up later still to find I was dressed so undressed and got under my sheet. The night continued windy as before.

I checked the weather before leaving my bed as it’s a little changeable at present. No rain was forecast only an EUMETNET warning of disruptions due to heavy rain (!) and I could see the wind would continue. It was cooler outside so I was pleased to be wearing a polo shirt and light fleece as we walked in the gloom up the Promontory.

Another blustery crossing of the rocks and then to Azzuro and back. This time I relented so Skinny, Oskar and Obi went back to the van and I fed Moggy earlier. Meanwhile, the girls, plus Luis who we met on the way, continued with the rest of the walks. It’s so much less demanding with the girls as they mostly stay with me. The only problem is that there are now three dogs in charge so they’re constantly arguing.

The wind was still strong so I waited until nine before riding into Paleochora to visit Petrakis for a cabbage as it was DDs day, Anatoli for bread as I ate all the loaf yesterday and then ACS because there was supposedly an ‘incorrectly addressed’ package that required my attention. It was no more incorrectly addressed than the other three packages as they were all from AliExpress which issues the address to each vendor from their central database. It’s always identical and always correct.

After feeding the dogs, I put together the DDs and made my second cup of tea before unpacking my parcels. One item was the valve I found I didn’t really need in the end, the other a pair of wire strippers as I have lots of stuff to do any my ones are so blunt and annoying. The other items were most of what I need to build up the air quality devices of which one will be inside and the other outside the van. They also record temperature and humidity and a bunch of other things if you get extra sensors. All with WiFi builtin so too easy by half. Only four solder joints in the entire project!

I wrote a little more website and a few other things then it was time for tea with Janne and Erica. We chatted a while so they dogs had to wait for their supper as I’d lost track of the time so hadn’t processed the DDs as intended before going to tea.

I eventually left them to get something to eat, processed the DDs then fed the dogs before going to the kitchen to pick up the food for me. Another round of Spaghetti but I have the beans left over from two nights ago and Petra gave me a whole beetroot ready to eat complete with garlic!

We’re all sitting inside, only Maya and Obi are out at present. Sasha and Maya have not quite grasped that they should not bark at Janne and Erica as they are supposed to be there. Unlike some of the interlopers during July/August. I also learned Janne and Erica were not consulted regarding the use of their pitch in the latter part of August. Fortunately, I spoke to Janne about it as Erica would have been livid if she had been aware of the liberties taken at the time. I’d not cleaned the camera for a while so the image was quite bad in poor light due to the build-up of dust and salt over the summer. This was a very good thing!

Erica has been unwell for a few days so is still a little croaky. Janne tried out his new smart hearing aids which he’s had only a few days. They look very good but he intends trying several different ones before deciding. For Erica, Janne will have no excuse not to hear everything she says from now on.

The day has been less windy and also warmer than the day before. It was much easier riding to Paleochora today than yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer and the wind should leave us for a few days.

Warmer than yesterday with less wind. Hopefully, tomorrow should see the back of the wind for a few days. It’s beginning to get tedious now!

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