All Go!

Rice and spinach was yesterday’s culinary delight and very nice it was too. It was followed by a large salad including the beetroot from the evening before. Very nice too. I suspect the kitchen will be packing up soon so I will have to organise myself to buy and prepare food again! As I ate, I watched another episode of Grantchester which I nearly always enjoy.

For a pleasant change, the night was calmer and warmer as the wind had changed to a more southerly direction. The AC was on all night so we were comfortable. Only Maya chose to be outside.

The morning was warmer and windless other than a gentle breeze at one point. Two vans were on the beach track with nothing in the car park. Otherwise, everything was deserted.

We completed both walks which amounted to 7,9km including the girls plus Skinny going out with the ball after. He didn’t walk so far yesterday but chose to walk further today. They seemed to enjoy themselves however we had only one ball which was not so good for Sasha as she likes to have a run too. Maya is easy to please as she just runs after Isabella not getting anywhere near the ball. Isabella is pleased as she has someone she can prevent from getting the ball.

I went to Paleochora only for bread and returned to feed the dogs and make tea for me. I felt it might be nicer to swim later in the day again.

I entertained myself in a number of ways none of which might be considered particularly productive but were useful to me. Mostly centred around PV and the state of power production. Even with the AC going, with sunny days, production keeps up with consumption with two consumers instead of one.

In the afternoon I want for a swim from Alonáki where the sea was very calm as the air was windless. There were other swimmers and people soaking up the benes on the sun beds. I wallowed in the sea, lay in the sun for a few minutes before returning to shower and put on the doggy rice.

What a demanding day!

Cooler than yesterday but almost windless for most of the day. The sea was calm and the sun shone. The forecast is more of the same for the next for Friday and Saturday.
The trend has been cooler up until yesterday and today. Hopefully it will remain warm for the remainder of Septober.
September so far. Go to if you want the interactive version as the above are merely images.


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