PM 2.5

The peas and potatoes were very good together with a salad I constructed myself. I watched the first episode of Endeavour which was very good. The previous one I saw was the pilot. This was followed by a revisit of Luther which I’d watched before. I need to work out how much of it I’ve already seen to continue on from there. For some reason, I couldn’t find certain episodes if I recall. My finale was Fresh Fields and then something knowledgeable from YouTube.

I woke at 03:55, remembered my watch was on charge, so got up and put it on. It was soon time to get up anyway.

Only Oskar failed to report for duty so six of us set out for the Promontory end and the rocks. It was warm, moonless and clear. There were lots of stars. Only two vans cluttered the beach track and some maggots squirmed around on ABB’s loungers. They had come by boat as I could see it pulled up on the beach once it was light.

I went back with four, fed Moggy and came out with five. Six and seven appeared as we crossed the field. The second walk included more dogs than the first as well as the ball thrower. They kept up and we were back by seven fifteen. They all had a longer walk today.

I exercised my brain then rode to Petrakis for some groceries as it is DDs day again. There are still quite a few visitors about as I passed a fair number on the way back to the camping. Mostly going to the beach.

I fed the dogs and prepared the DDs then made some tea. The Pot slowly built up pressure and I got busy doing stuff.

Having struggled with getting my PM2,5 sensor online, I started over and had another attempt. Like most things, once you have all the right bits and have done it once, it’s much easier. I managed to find all the correct drivers so was able to get both sensors running. At present, only the inside one is operational and is reporting I have very polluted air. Not really surprising considering the amount of dust inside. I need to get a weatherproof box for the outside sensor to keep the rain out. The salt air is not good for electrical equipment. In the end, it was stupidly easy, but like most things, it’s a matter of experience.

I can add extra sensors to the setup but I’ll keep with PM2.5, PM10 and temperature and humidity for now. The latter are not responding at present so I may need to adjust the wiring. My particle sensors are reading values around 380 mg/m3 whilst the rest of the world is around 2! Part of the problem is that I’m using the MK2 chip and the latest is MK3 so the board pinouts doing quite match requiring a certain amount of trial and error.

Janne has been very busy next door as I heard him doing something very technical with a hammer earlier. Things are progressing as I also heard the sound of his angle grinder!

It has been warm and sunny all day with almost no wind. I had planned to swim later in the afternoon but I got my pollution sensor breakthrough so didn’t want to lose momentum.

I’ve not heard many noises-off so assume there are no close arrivals tonight. Some Germans have been at the top of the camping for several days and a couple of ladies were in their converted fire van opposite the kitchen as I came back from shopping.

Slightly cooler than yesterday but still and sunny.

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