Happy Birthday Ursula!

Eva provided me with spinach and rice which was plentiful and very good. Petra was on some important mission.

The night and morning were warm and there was a light breeze which was also warm even though it was from the north. Just the same two vans were in the same positions as the day before. We walked past trying not to disturb the occupants.

Oskar and Skinny joined the girls for their walk and today we had not two but three balls. We managed to come back without losing any!

I rode to Paleochora for some bread after spending time exercising my brain. People keep using my cycleway! The bakery was busy but somehow I seem to get served quite quickly.

I rode back dodging the bodies littering the cycleway. By now it was 31ºC.

I was invited to join Erica and Janna for Fika so that we could celebrate Ursula’s birthday in her absence. The Fika would take place behind the caravan next to the bathroom as it is too hot on the decking in late afternoon.

I fed the dogs and made tea before settling down to a busy morning. I may have discovered why I thought the air pollution monitor wasn’t working. I noticed that it started up then the fan stopped after a few seconds. I assumed it was because there was insufficient power but it’s normal behaviour. The fan starts to show it’s working and only runs every few minutes when a pollution reading is taken.

The crazy reading may be to do with the connections but I have yet to check these.

I escaped to swim for a little while then showered and joined Erica and Janne for Fika. It was very good sitting behind the van as there is a view to the sea and it’s in the shade. Probably 10ºC cooler than on the decking out front. We made a happy birthday video for Ursula which I sent.

Meanwhile, the dogs had been inside quite a while so Luis decided to pay me back by taking chunks out of the seat foam which I found on the floor. It was quite a while…

I fed them and went to the kitchen to collect some food. Fakes tonight.

Another demanding day draws to a close…

Warmer than yesterday with a breeze and plenty of sunshine. The sea was warm and calm. I was not alone…


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