Very Windy

There were many fingerless ladies once more as I had a full container to myself. My viewing choices were Frost and As Time Goes By. The wind continued to blow outside and it was cool enough with the door left open all night.

The wind was still blowing hard in the morning so there was slight hesitation on my part to leap from my pit. Isabella and Sasha had been scratching noisily before, either banging against the gas heater or the hollow cupboard doors. Closing the van door helped as it might have been a little chilly. Nevertheless, they were ready at the starting gate as I got up.

Unsurprisingly, there were not many motorhomes cluttering the place up. The Polish one was in the same place in the car park and a German one was far up the other end of the track towards Azzuro. The tent on the Big Beach from the day before had also left.

We completed our walks with all seven dogs on the first walk. Luis kept with us most of the time and I think the boys were happy to go back into the shelter of the van for a good snooze.

I took the three others with their ball for a dash around on The Promontory once more and achieved my goal as they have slept most of the day despite the strong wind.

I had DDs to make so saw to that before making tea and parking myself for a rest. There were no support calls so I spent my time reading and doing important things.

One of these was to remove the tomato plant which was self-seeded with the orchid which came from Marie-Christine’s van back in January. The orchid is now in a much larger pot but didn’t appear to enjoy the summer so much. It’s planted in home-grown compost so technically should do well. There were other distractions including picking up poo and disposing of it. I also decided to cut my hair although, on reflection, the strong wind makes it feel quite chilly. This is despite the fact I didn’t actually remove very much.

Another useful thing I did was to apply flea treatment to all of the dogs which should hopefully reduce the scratching and hence the noise early in the morning. I’d not noticed that Luis had licked off some fur so he had special attention.

Other than being windy and a little cloudy occasionally, it’s been mostly warm and sunny although solar production has been disappointing considering the amount of sun. The problem is that the battery does not charge up quickly enough to last the entire night which is annoying. The battery drains low, the BMS (Battery Management System) goes into a sulk and disconnects the batteries. This requires a manual reset on my part. We only used 0,6kWh of Grid energy today. However of the 12kW hours of energy produced today, only around half made it into the battery which means the battery is never full. This can also be a problem in winter when the sky is overcast for a couple of days causing limited solar production and it’s cold. There’s not a lot of headroom on cloudy, chilly days without resorting to burning stuff to keep warm.

The camping is looking quite empty not helped by the wind and the fact it’s Monday. People tend to move on Mondays. I wait to learn the fate of the kitchen and prepared meals.

Cooler but much windier than yesterday but very mild despite the wind. Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer and the wind should blow itself out early on.


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