Washing Machine

Petra presented me with a copious portion of Fakes which I heated up and ate slowly and deliberately. They were very good indeed. I followed this with a salad whilst engaging in a little police excitement with the Drone Cops who were dealing with the usual stolen cars as well as Cannabis on an industrial scale. The factory was situated in an industrial unit behind a false wall. I got hung up on YouTube shorts after that…

The night was wonderfully quiet and ended in an equally quiet morning with only light wind. It was not hot as I was half-wearing my light fleece with the sleeves around my neck draped over my back.

Oskar joined the girls on the second walk and I’ve not seen much of any of them since we got back. After a pause, I rode over Panorama on a sight-seeing visit of Paleochora. The various building projects appear to have progressed well. I had no need for any stops.

I met Bona who gave me another payment towards her Hell Addiction then went back to feed the dogs and make tea for myself.

I wandered to the office to collect a couple of packages containing a new soldering iron and a couple more Sonoff switches I picked up at a bargain price. Marisa was in the office so I was able to pet Kira who was suitably pleased to see me. Marisa is finding life boring so hoping to be released before long. I suspect Georgia will let her go at the end of the month but that’s pure supposition. I suggested, rather than sitting in the office for her shift, she go to the beach or the bar since arrivals are few and far between.

The morning trundled by. I did important things and then put on some washing as it’s been a while so I’m running out of clean stuff. Small things have been hand washed but other stuff has been saved up. Fortunately, I have a large collection of polo and T-shirts. The line is now full of sheets and towels.

It has been a lovely, still, warm and sunny day.

A calm and sunny day just fine for drying washing.

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