It was peas, potatoes and fartychokes for supper. Sometimes there are no fartichokes so I just get lots of the accompaniment. There was some salad and the bread from Anatoli too.

I watched The Saint who, whilst out fishing in the fog, was nearly run down by a speeding boat carrying illegal immigrants. As expected Simon Templar brought the miscreants to justice in one way or another. Only one of the three remaining immigrants survived thanks also to his help. The other immigrants were already in police custody. I followed this by an interesting YouTube presentation all about Europe, NATO and the present conflict in Ukraine. The main premise is that Poland is not about to make the same mistake as she did in 1939 and allow herself to be overrun by her bigger neighbour. Massive expansion of the armed forces and large expenditure on modern weapons makes Poland a worthy adversary. They can see the whiting on the wall should Ukraine not prevail. Finland, a recent addition to NATO, has learned from previous entanglements with the neighbouring bear.

Only Luis, Oskar and Skinny were in last night, joined later by Sasha. It was warm and calm in the morning with a fine array of celestial bodies including Venus which was hovering above the mountains as we emerged. Oskar only seems to wish to come out with the girls at the moment.

There were no particular excitements on the first walk although it seemed quite dark when we were walking back across the field where there was no sign of Luis. Oskar and the three set off having fed Moggy and picked up and disposed of some poo.

Isabella mislaid one of her balls while distracted by something in the bushes. I sent her back for the balls which was when she returned with only one. I surreptitiously produced a ball from my pocket later in the proceedings to ensure that Sasha got a bite of the cherry. Luis greeted us from the decking as we came back into the gate. I admit to have quite forgotten about him.

I exercised my brain then set off for a trip over Panorama and a tour of the metropolis. There were no stops other than to inspect one of the immense marble seats along the cycleway which was broken in two. I could see no reason for this.

The morning was relaxing once the dogs were fed as the DDs were made yesterday so there were no outstanding important tasks. I found something vital to fill my time whilst drinking another cup of tea.

The morning started and continued to get warmer as predicted by the forecast. The neighbours plus guest went out so I used the opportunity to sneak off for a swim whilst leaving the dogs out. I’d not walked far through the camping when Oskar began to bark so I turned around, went back and put him inside. I decided to walk across the field rather than take the long road. Only Sasha made a bit of a racket. I stood a while to make sure she was quiet then continued to the beach and a swim in the sea.

The beach was not exactly busy but well attended with bathers in and out of the water. I swam to the buoy and back then lazed in the sun before wandering back across the field for a shower after my usual doggy greeting. You’d think I’d joined the Foreign Legion with the reception I got.

I dried off, washed my swimming shorts then possibly fell asleep in my chair. All that excitement of the beach I imagine.

I just checked the Radio Paradise music app where a song entitled ‘Happy Idiot’ by TVontheradio is playing. Someone has posted a picture of Donald Trump in the comments. How apposite!

Loads of barking welcomed Maria who was bringing me a parcel delivered by ACS earlier. It is the consumer unit I ordered from China as part of my electrical upgrade program. It looks very good quality and for the money, excellent value too if it works as intended.

The natives are restless as I’ve just told Maya off for winding Isabella up. The latter, very sensibly, has gone into the van out of her way. Maya is in no doubt as to how I feel about her behaviour. Skinny is looking relaxed hoping I might feed him very soon. They are now wonderfully quiet at least until I move from this chair!

I can hear we have some weekend arrivals but I have no idea as to how many as I’ve not consulted the booking calendar in weeks!

Warmer than yesterday as there were no afternoon clouds. PV production was a little disappointing even though the sun seemed quite strong.


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