Hottest Day in September

Petra handed me some oven potatoes together with a container with a whole beetroot and some sliced garlic. With a salad, it was very nice. I watched the second part of The Tower followed by the continuing saga of the epic YouTube video from the night before.

The night and the morning were warm with hardly a breath of air. Oskar had decided he’d not be joining us for the first walk until he heard the small dog barking on the beach track which was irresistible. There were seven dogs not barking and a small one that was. I suggested before we left there should be no noise and there wasn’t.

The small dog was quiet as we came back later and there was only a little barking as we passed on the way to Azzuro. Even Luis made it for biscuits and we came back following the sea. There were more vehicles than for a long time, some of which had been present before. We completed our walk and returned to the van so I could feed Moggy and get the thrower and ball.

Isabella brought another ball so we had lots of fun in the sea and all around the Promontory. By the end, they were suitably tired.

I recovered a little then rode to Anatoli for a loaf whilst the neighbours, up and about early due to their imminent departure, were having breakfast. They left shortly after I returned.

They collected their guest to be deposited at Chania for the airport then continued on for a voyage of discovery to the east. They will be away two or possibly three nights.

I fed the dogs then settled down to contemplate how I shall use the consumer unit that arrived yesterday. I also tried out my new wire stripper and put a ferrule on one of the 6mm conductors which I bought with the pipes for the AC way back in time. 6mm is the largest ferrule size I have and which the crimper can accommodate. I went mad a bought some new side cutters yesterday as the ones I have are incredibly blunt and I’ve had them for millennia.

In the afternoon, I went for a swim. Only Sasha made a fuss, joined momentarily by Luis, as I walked across the field. Oskar had been preemptively incarcerated in the van with Obi who as already there. Even Oskar followed me in there so was not under duress.

There were quite a few people on the beach which is unsurprising for a hot, sunny Saturday in September. I swam out to the (line of) buoy(s) and back again. Everyone else appeared to be splashing around close to the beach. I lay in the sun for a few minutes before returning to the dogs and a hot shower.

I don’t know how many arrivals there have been today but I can hear the sound of someone banging in tent pegs not far away. They will probably stay only one night so it seems an awful lot of effort to go to.

The day has been warm right from the outset. My T-shirt spent more time in my hand than on my back during both walks and I felt quite warm when I came back from my ride. There has been uninterrupted sunshine although the intensity is getting less as the days pass. 10.6kW hours of energy was produced however 6.55kW hours found its way to the battery as the remainder was used powering loads and the doggy rice which has not long finished.

Tomorrow is forecast to be similar to today but slightly warmer. Looking ahead, there is talk of a storm on Wednesday with a good possibility of some rain. Monday and Tuesday will be cooler. We’re heading towards the end of September so hardly surprising.

Warmer than yesterday and what was forecasted.
Today’s weather in more detail

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