Summer Returns

It was a little later by the time I got to the kitchen as I’d been held up by an ongoing support request from Inter Sport. Now happily resolved. The offering of the day was Bamies, AKA Ladies Fingers with some long, stringy chips to go with the fingers. I viewed an episode of Wycliffe where he is recovering from being shot. Sadly, this is the last series as I’ve quite enjoyed Jack Shepherd as the Cornish Detective Superintendent.

The night would have been warm had it not been for some cooling. Strangely, more dogs were interesting in sleeping in, rather than out. The morning was equally warm and almost windless.

There was a fine collection of vehicles along the beach road including the one with the little dog which didn’t disappoint by not barking at us. There was a person sleeping on the Promontory who got barked at by Maya. We continued to the rocks and the first trip to Azzuro past the yappy dog. We returned along the beach but the dog yapped anyway, probably a little more. The owners must be deaf!

This time, back at the Promontory, we encountered some distant body emerging from the direction of the beach probably part of the group of maggots which became obvious once it was light. Our second Azzuro visit and then back to the van to feed Moggy, collect Oskar and set off with the thrower and the girls.

Today, Isabella only managed to find one ball but I’d secreted another about my person which I relinquished so that Sasha could play fetch too. We lost the first ball quite early on but recovered it on the way back. By this time, they were suitably tired anyway.

I waited and then went to Petrakis for some groceries. I was there a little earlier so it was slightly calmer. The ride back was pleasant and the marble bench is still broken.

I fed the dogs and started the DDs before making a cup of tea and preparing to do some server updates. Exchange was my target of the day as the certificate is due for refreshment and there were Windows updates as well. The certificate renewal was quite straightforward until it came to replacing the old for the new.

Once upon a time, it was possible to install a certificate and not have to bother with it for several years. Unfortunately, some people were naughty so now it’s necessary to buy a new certificate yearly or refresh the certificate on a yearly basis. This is an attempt to stop naughtiness.

It became a littler windier but I went for a swim from Alonáki which was, for Alonaki, crowded. I curtailed by swim slightly prematurely as the wind was annoying and there were people with boats and paddle boards as well. I loafed on the beach a while then returned for a hot shower with Isabella looking on. The others were inside enjoying the AC and keeping quiet.

Once desalinated, I sat down to see how my server was progressing with its updates and might have fallen asleep. My watched pinged to tell me the AC had consumed 2.5kW/h so far. Something to do with it being hot. Despite changing the temperature from 28ºC to 30ºC the AC was still quite busy. Tomorrow will be considerably cooler as will the next day. With the DDs and AC, today has not been much better for PV production as it’s been used more quickly than it’s been produced. Only about half of the 10kW/h produced made it to the battery so it’s still not full despite there being only me here to use the electricity. The neighbours have, quite naturally, used only a small amount due to their absence.

With a high of 36,2ºC it was warmer than every day in August except the 29 which was only 0,1ºC warmer. That will change tomorrow and the next day as we descend into some unstable weather for the next few days. This will most likely herald the definitive end to the summer season given it’s also near the end of September. Tuesday night and Wednesday are forecast to be unsettled and stormy.

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