Weather Approaching

Spinach and rice was on offer from Petra and it was still hot so didn’t require warming up! I added some nutritional yeast to give it a bit of a cheesy flavour and it was quickly devoured. With some salad, it was enough. I watched an episode of Heartbeat still with Nick Berry as the lead. More police and crime followed with an episode of Perry Mason from 1957.

The morning was a little cooler and the sky mostly clear other than some wispy clouds making Venus go all fuzzy. With very little wind, the mosquitoes were out in force and consequently quite annoying at times.

We achieved our two visits to Azzuro so returned to the camping with Luis slightly delayed for some reason. I fed Moggy then Oskar joined the girls for galloping around on the Promontory. Oskar isn’t really up for galloping especially after a stupid ball. He leaves that to the girls who always rush around nonstop.

Back at the camping, I came over all strange and decided to clean my loo. This involved emptying it and then preparing the medium that does the work. On previous occasions I’ve only made up enough medium to use at the time. Today I made up the whole block so I have about a year’s supply in advance. I have a nice, clean, empty loo.

I rode to Petrakis as I have DDs to make tomorrow and it might be inclement involving moisture from the sky. At least I should get the walks done based on the current prognosis. Indeed, the next three days are supposed to be unsettled and may include storminess which is not unusual for the time of year. Warm sea and cool air, clouds and the like. So far, most storms have headed off to annoy other parts of the island or the mainland.

A look at the lightning map shows approaching storms however, at present, much of it appears to be heading to Albania.

There was a support call from LBS and then I went for a wallow in the sea after the usual choral send off as I crossed the field. I’m not exactly sure who the accompanists were but at least they quickly fell silent. There was a little more noise as I lay drying on the beach but things quietened down with only Luis continuing to broadcast until I was close enough to tell him to shut up.

I had a shower then amused myself with the LBS website redirect which seems to be having a bit of a problem at present. I took the precaution of putting the doggy rice in the pot on a timer before swimming as I’ve been known to forget or even omit to press the start button on The Pot.

Today has been a lot more pleasant than I expected as the temperature made it over thirty and it was extremely calm in the middle of the day. The forecast for tomorrow talks about a good probability of rain mid-morning on but I think it will be limited in volume and hopefully not accompanied by wind as I have sides up on only one corner. I may need to rearrange the furniture if things turn out differently.

Janne and Erica are on their way back following their exploration of the east of the island. The photos and videos I’ve received look very attractive. I’m sure I’ll get more detail upon their return which should be sometime soon although I expect they will stop for something to eat before arriving back.

Much warmer than expected and warmer than yesterday. The next three days are looking unsettled with the possibility of thunderstorms and some rain.

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