The kitchen was like the Marie Celeste as the personnel were at the bar relaxing. Petra came immediately to give me some runner beans with a few potatoes which were hot so didn’t require reheating. I went straight back to enjoy them. I watched an episode of DCI Banks which ended the current investigation. It was not the ending I was expecting.

I woke in the night to the sound of rain on the roof but for literally seconds and I fell back to sleep. It was just wet as I stepped out of the van and we set off soon after.

The moon is full tonight so it was low in the sky and obscured by cloud for much of the time but did manage to break through. There were some occasional raindrops but we managed to complete both visits to Azzuro only losing Obi on the way.

I set off again with Oskar and the girls hoping to find Obi along the way but this was not to be. We got a little damper than during the first walk but that didn’t matter as they’d been in the sea anyway. They raced around and we eventually got back.

I wandered the camping to try to find Obi to discover him outside the field gate when I returned. I might have looked there first to save time! I put him inside with the others.

I tried to work out what the weather might do whilst finishing a cup of tea. I rode to Paleochora via Panorama where I noticed the approaching black clouds. The forecast assured me it wouldn’t rain until later.

The sky was very dark on the way back and it was already raining a little. Luckily, it only started to rain harder as I passed Azzuro. I arrived damp but not too wet.

With the bike under its cover, I hurried back to the van as it was now pouring down. I sat down to take stock of the situation but had to move the chair soon after as I was getting wet due to the current lack of awning sides.

The rain continued at varying intensities so I didn’t see the point in feeding the dogs until it stopped. Added to the fact there was no activity from within. With more thunder, Skinny was probably quite happy to stay inside.

The battery was flat and the BMS had disconnected as it was so low. I noticed that the BMS had disconnected both the discharge and charge circuits leading to a circular scenario. The battery was below its charge state yet it wasn’t possible to charge it up. A bit of faulty programming there I suspect. The remedy was to disconnect and reconnect the power to the BMS as it appears the reboot facility has no effect. The software is a little buggy.

A fault on Janne’s side caused the breaker to trip over so I got him to disconnect so I could reset the main breaker. A later inspection revealed that perhaps water is running down behind his outside lights and causing an earth fault.

Later, there was some sunshine but nothing like enough to charge the battery so it won’t be long before it rolls over to Grid again. Hopefully it won’t rain in the night and trip the breaker!

The sunshine persuaded me to fall asleep for a while whereupon I awoke to discover it was nearly five and the doggy rice wan’t in the pot. I leapt up to rectify the situation although they had a rather late breakfast due to the rain.

It’s been a predominantly damp day however there are still a couple of tent campers hanging on. One has moved up to a dryer spot and I noticed lots of stuff hanging up to dry. I had an interesting conversation with a nice Austrian woman who is a regular visitor to Crete.

Colder and certainly wetter than yesterday. This month appears to be the wettest September for a while. The unsettled weather continues tomorrow but Saturday should be dryer and warmer.


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