Full Moon

Petra was hiding somewhere so it was Eva who filled up my container with the remainder of the runner beans and potatoes. They needed reheating but there was a lot to eat. I didn’t feel much like salad after for some reason. I watched only YouTube videos but no shorts for a change. All interesting stuff.

I was driven mad by some mosquitoes in the night as the door was open so they invited themselves in. I will make sure to terminate any inside tonight. Hardly surprising considering how humid it was.

The morning arrived with some cloud but no rain although I checked the forecast before venturing out. It was cooler as I wore a polo and a light fleece with the neck done up. The moon was shining brightly when not lurking behind the clouds.

We managed our trips to Azzuro and back then returned to base. Only Luis didn’t reappear from the darkness but was to be found waiting outside the door when I came back with the girls and Oskar. Luis didn’t want an extra walk for some reason. A couple of fishermen were walking onto the Promontory as we were going back to the camping around 07:15.

I could see clouds stacking to the west so decided to go into Paleochora earlier to avoid getting wet on the way back like yesterday. I left the girls quietly snoozing. The bakery was still putting out the bread as it was now 07:50 but there were quite a few visitors buying bread. I was served quickly and headed back to Grammeno.

As it was still quite early, I left the boys inside for a while then let them out to feed all of the dogs together. I made another cup of tea and sat down to do useful things.

I could see that we’d started generating some electricity and that the battery was charging. Everything went well until the mid-afternoon when the sky clouded over. The battery isn’t completely charged as it was flat from yesterday so we were on Grid from the early evening due to the lack of sunshine. Maybe it will be sunnier tomorrow. In any event, between us, we use more than can be produced at this time of the year, even on a completely sunny day.

Having had someone look at the EMONCMS yesterday as it had stopped working a while ago, I decided I should really learn how to make my own solar production graphics. EMONCMS is very flexible and enables you to create Web pages for weather stations or solar production and so on. Whatever requires data to be represented in a meaningful way. I’ve had an amusing day learning something new and producing graphs and interesting graphics. Interesting only if you’re into solar production and energy usage.

Oskar seems very busy exploring the front of the van next to me. There must be something very interesting there.

The day has been mostly warm and sunny but a cool northerly breeze started to waft past me in the afternoon which was a bit of a surprise. Tomorrow promises around the same temperature but less cloud so maybe more electricity production too. There are DDs to cook though…

The night and early morning were a lot cooler than of late with a northerly breeze. Things warmed up once the sun joined in and we had more sunshine than I was expecting. I think it’s going to be cooler from now on.


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