Eva gave me a good helping of warm fakes so I went back to eat them. Petra was not around. The kitchen was quiet. I watched Grantchester which was very good.

The night was cooler, the door was open so the odd mosquito popped in to say hi. We were up at the usual time and it certainly felt cooler as the wind was back from the north. There were plenty of mosquitoes on the Promontory.

There were more vans today including Luc with his fine van back for another winter at Grammeno maybe.

I went out with six dogs, left Obi behind but went out again with seven. Iera was waiting for us when we got back and joined us for the second walk. I might just as well have brought Obi as I didn’t reckon on them all coming out again.

I exercised my brain and then rode into Petrakis for some groceries as I was out of bananas and lemons. Very important!

I came back to feed the dogs and get on with putting together the DDs for later. The battery had run out so I waited until there was enough sunlight before turning on the pot. I made some tea and sat down in the warm sunshine.

The morning passed harmlessly. Erica and Janne went into Paleochora and I contemplated going for a swim but it was cloudy and a little windy so I rather went off the idea and may have fallen asleep as compensation.

Later, it was sunny again so I did eventually get to go to the beach with the usual musical accompaniment as I walked across the field to the beach. There were not that many in the water but several lying in the sun. I splashed around for a while then lay in the sun for a few minutes. The sea seemed a little cooler than the last time I was in and the sun a little less strong. I made friends with the Dutchman’s dog on my way back.

Warmer than yesterday by 0.1ºC! Mostly sunny but with a little wind and a cloudy patch in the middle of the day.


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