Sandra and Sonja

Petra presented me with Φακές from the fridge. They were the ones I should have had four days ago but there weren’t any, the next day they didn’t have time to cook them. When they were finally cooked, they forgot and gave me something else. Anyway, they were very good together with the bread from Vakakis.

The problem with the Vakakis bread was that it was ok, just not very much of it as I easily ate the whole loaf with no effort. It wasn’t amazing. If I was going to do something different, I’d get the πολύσπορα (multigrain) from Anatoli.

My viewing was Spooks which I’ve not watched in ages. It was quite gripping but many of the participants lived to tell the tale. I watched something on YouTube about constructing a solar-tracking device which was quite interesting and useful. Then I fell asleep so decided it was time for bed.

The night felt warmer but there was an annoying mosquito which had invited itself in. I must kill them all this even as it’s windy so there should be none. They were also in evidence on The Promontory especially the bushy locations.

The moon was overhead so no shortage of light which was a good thing as my head torch needed a recharge. We completed the prescribed two visits to Azzuro, even Oskar, then returned to the camping for a shift change. Only Skinny came out with the girls.

It was too dark for ball-throwing right away so we waited until we were on the Big Beach. I kept them going and even managed to throw a ball for Skinny who ignored it probably out of surprise. He was quite engaged today and actually picked up one of the balls and absconded with it. Once suitably exercised, we returned to base.

I paused before a visit to Anatoli and Petrakis. Tomorrow is likely to be windy so a visit to Paleochora might not be advisable. I have everything required for the DDs which is the main thing. I rode back in the sunshine overtaking various walkers and cyclists.

Luis had been quite noisy during my absence as I discovered later. I shall leave him wearing his collar tomorrow or at least shut the door to deaden the sound. He had Radio Paradise for company and to drown out background sounds.

I fed them and filled their containers then sat down with some tea for some tranquil meditation. Some hope with Luis around but he eventually shut up.

I performed useful things mostly to do with EMONCMS. I’m getting the hang of it now so should really read the instructions I suppose. I produced a useful graph amongst other things. Today was quite sunny so resulted in 11.37kWh of energy of which 6.49kWh made it to the battery. We used only 0.56kWh from the Grid this morning. Getting better every day!

I did lots of other useful things including a poo-pick and some watering. The dogs were fed early at their request. I reminded them that once it was gone, it was gone…

It has been sunny and warm with some wind of which there will be much more during the night and tomorrow. This should please the happy campers.

Sonja and Sandra will arrive later this evening so will be erecting their tent in the wind and in the dark. I’m glad it will be MARIA who welcomes them. I will leave mine until a more sensible time in the morning.

Cool in the morning with a northerly wind earlier. The day became sunny and warm with increasing wind later. It was a little cooler than yesterday as forecast.


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