Dining Out

Petra is still away so Eva gave me my portion of vlita and other nice things including a few spuds. It required heating so I went inside as it was not too warm without due to the continuing wind. I watched a very engaging episode of Endeavour however the plot seemed familiar in places.

By morning the wind had died down which was a relief. Only Oskar remained behind and accompanied the girls later. There were no surprises and only two vehicles were spotted. A very interesting 4×4 with roof extension at the furthest end of the track and an ancient Citroën van which is often about in Paleochora but only occasionally at Grammeno.

I nurtured my brain then went over Panorama to Paleochora stopping only for bread. My visit coincided with a group of young people who were buying lots of small items. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long. I met a group of Swedes enjoying a walking holiday as they headed along the cycleway to Paleochora. Sweden must be empty now…

The morning was interrupted by the ACS man delivering a coin holder which has now absorbed much of the small change I tend to accumulate from the customers and Bona. Change tends to find its way through the decking if not suitably restrained. There must be a lot of interesting things on the ground under the decking. One day, all will be revealed.

I put on two washes for Janne and Erica as they had only one other during their stay. I can report that the washing machine is still working as expected.

This evening, I shall be dining out with the neighbours. I will collect my rations from the kitchen and they will get something from there too. Seems a little crazy to go out to pay for food. I’m certain it will be riotous. We can be pretty wild together.

Today was warmer than yesterday mostly due to the wind subsiding. It was fresh this morning as the wind was from the north. It was still blowing as I rode to Paleochora but it was almost calm on the way back. The evening and mornings are beginning to feel cooler.

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