Eva was ready with some fassolakia and potatoes. Erica had bequeathed a couple of tomatoes and the remainder of a cucumber and later, I had an orgy of pomegranate seeding. Meanwhile, Hercule was on the Nile and then I watched some people build a covered area for their Airstream caravan on their homestead in the Nevada Desert. I didn’t watch it all as there was over three hours of it!

The morning was windless and cool. I decided to abandon my sandals for my Chinese Croc copies. It was surprising to find we accomplished our diurnal workout about ten minutes more quickly. With the moon overhead, it’s quicker anyway as I can see where I’m going. I went out with and came back with seven dogs – the same dogs!

Erica sent a reply to my early message telling me they were about to board the plane and it was 2ºC in Stockholm. Quite a shock in store considering it was nearly 30ºC here yesterday! Later, I received another message to say they were home and it was raining…

It was still dark when the girls and I crossed the field as it was only 06:35. They had to adapt their ball retrieval routine to accommodate the darkness which meant lots of running around in circles. Then the mosquitoes came as it was just before sunrise. We might need to do things differently if it’s the same time tomorrow.

I exercised then rode to Paleochora. On the way I received a series of messages from Marisa concerning the arrival of Mickey hot off the ferry. He was disappointed as I was not the one to receive him and had expectations which were inconsistent with this part of the season. I sorted him out once I returned and found a temporary location for his van until such time as he can go to a more permanent place. He’s a great football fan so needs to have his satellite working to get his fix. He says he intends staying all winter. He is the first customer for the winter 23/24 season.

The result was that the dogs didn’t get fed until quite late which was when I had my second cup of tea. Marisa tells me she will be working all weekend as Maria is away in Athens collecting her winter wardrobe and seeing family. The schools are closed due to elections on Friday and Monday. As of this moment in time, Marisa’s last working day is 10 October and she will physically leave on 12th.

I only had the afternoon by the time I’d dealt with everything else and I fell asleep. I’d fortunately made the DDs before going to Paleochora and have just processed them and fed the dogs who are now in a more benign state.

I understand that the kitchen and bar will probably close 15 October which is a week Sunday. There will be a couple of days cleaning and then the bar will be packed away for the winter. Manos, who works in the kitchen, will return to assist in this process.

Following another sunny day, the battery is full for the first time since Janne and Erica arrived although it nearly made it to full a couple of times during their stay. Between us, we use just too much energy for the panels to supply us and charge the battery sufficiently with the available sunlight. One day was wet anyway and we made very little as a consequence. In mid-summer it would be fine. Nevertheless, we were only 16kWh short during their whole stay.

It has been sunny and warm all day and should continue this way tomorrow and Sunday. I’m told we have a group of Americans for the weekend, probably from the military bases at Souda. Marisa will be happy once the weened is over and she can leave for Athens to her waiting job.

Cooler than yesterday as forecast but pleasantly sunny and warm.


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