Early Arrival

I didn’t get to the shop yesterday so had run out of several important items. Fortunately, Janne and Erica left me their odds and sods! There were fassolakia and potatoes which were very good. Accompanied by an episode of The Gentle Touch where a Jewish couple return from a weekend away to discover their home had been vandalised with anti-Jewish slogans and symbols. The police investigate and turn up some unpleasant Skinheads and others but get no nearer to solving the crime until it transpires the owner returned to the home and did it himself to attract attention to the escalating anti-Semitic mood. The remainder of the evening was YouTube as I ate late having visited Sandra and Sonja where I found Anke and sundry cats.

We’d only just left the gate and were crossing the field when I heard some distant barking on the beach track. I could see a man walking but wondered why he might be there at 04:35. He’d walked from Paleochora carrying his pack and followed the Grammeno sign which inevitably took him to the beach. I directed him to the camping’s beach entrance, recommended he might find a quiet spot and perhaps register after nine. I later went to check on him and we had a chat. He’s looking for a location to stay the winter but is yet to make a decision.

There were two events on this morning’s walk. The first being Obi’s paw which he injured in some way at Azzuro, the furthest point from the camping and had to be carried part of the way. Only as far as the road as he was getting heavy and could manage to walk from there anyway. The second injury I spotted once it was light. Isabella had a significant lump out of her skin. I don’t know how this came about although they three Crazies play rough together. I made sure she went in the sea a couple of times as I find salt water is helpful in healing wounds.

I took the girls and Oskar out a little later today. There was some wind so fewer mosquitoes and they had lots of fun, Isabella oblivious to any injury.

I went to Paleochora via Panorama to stop at Anatoli and Petrakis. The Petrakis visit was to stock up on what I omitted to get the day before including a cabbage for the DDs. I rode back uneventfully to find the dogs reasonably quiet.

I unloaded the shopping then fed the assembled masses before making a second cup of tea for myself. From there, the day became more static but was punctuated by a text conversation with Eleanor and a message from Andreas. He tells me he might come to Crete in the New Year if his medical results are satisfactory.

Oskar and Luis have been quite vocal today culminating with Luis receiving his collar. Something I should have done much earlier. Things are not helped by a visiting dog nearby as well as a significant amount of shooting from early in the day.

Sasha and Maya have been fooling around on the decking with a length of old guy rope. Maya was lying on the decking with the rope in her mouth with Sasha attempting to pull her along with the other end. They are quite a pair of loonies. Maya usually sleeps outside on the decking under the awning. She sleeps on the rug which has foam tiles beneath and has discovered the warm air flow which cools the inverter. Not that it can be very warm at night when there’s only a low background consumption.

I had a message from Marisa to tell me that we are to have a meeting with Georgia on 9/10 in preparation for a handover after her last day on 10/10. Marisa will stay over on the camping for a couple of days but go out each day on visits. I suggested this was wise to avoid getting roped in. There is still no official mention of the bar and kitchen closing date.

The day remained warm and sunny which is obviously good for business. There has been a little wind on and off and it was quite windy in Paleochora this morning. This evening is cool so I shall be going inside directly.

Warmer than yesterday by 0.1ºC but windier which made it feel quite chilly. Tomorrow should be about the same according to the forecast.

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