Petra has returned from her family funeral and is back in the kitchen. There are only three of them there now in the afternoon and evening. I was given a substantial portion of green beans and potatoes which I heated up and ate with relish. I was kept amused by Simon Templar ‘rescuing’ a damsel in distress somewhere in France. As usual, everything came out as expected. The baddies were caught and the good guys prevailed.

The evenings and nights are gradually becoming cooler. The van door was only partially open to begin with but closed as the evening drew on. I think it was only Maya and Isabella outside last night as Obi has taken to spending his evenings and nights inside.

It was like Piccadilly Circus on the beach track with probably as many motorhomes, caravans and sundry other vehicles parked along the top of the beach as I’ve seen this season. French, Dutch, Greek, German but no British as far as I could see.

The moon is moving gradually westwards, diminishing and rising later as it goes. The angle is changing so there are now shadows as we walk up the Promontory to cross the rocks. Fortunately, the mosquitoes are still in fine health.

We managed to return without any apparent injuries but it was still quite dark so we paused before going out with the ball and thrower. Difficult finding the ball in the dark. Oskar was there too although he, like Skinny, follows his own agenda. Interestingly, there were no motorhomes in the car park today although yesterday there was a German one with two, small dogs.

I paused for tea then disappeared over Panorama to tour downtown Paleochora without bothering to stop on the way. I came back to get involved in a conversation with Bona who had been talking to Sasha and Maya. She wants to find some kind of online activity where she can earn money during the winter. I’ve suggested YouTube as anyone appears to be able to make money there. Mickey came along to say hello and joined in with the conversation promising to think of some way Bona can make online money.

Once I’d fed the dogs and made more tea, any resolution to do anything useful melted away. The day was taken up by very little productive activity other than falling asleep in the sun and browsing the Internet randomly. I looked at the CCTV cameras at the reception, restaurant and bar. The restaurant seemed to be gently busy and it seems that Zoe had everything under control.

I eventually leapt into action to put on the doggy rice before wandering round to the beach for a swim off Alonáki. There were fewer on the beach than the previous Sunday. The sea was quite calm although there was a light breeze. Some of the vehicles from the night and this morning had dispersed whilst others had people and dogs lying in the sun, eating or sleeping. The sizeable Dutch van by the beach has some equally sizeable dogs lying outside. There was a deep and loud woof from inside as we passed this morning and now I know why.

I swam out to the buoy and, strangely, back then loafed on the beach for a few minutes to dry off. The water is cooling down as is the air temperature and the sun is less powerful. To ensure a peaceful time whilst away, Luis and Oskar were inside the van with Isabella and Maya who came by choice. As compensation, I put the AC on as it seemed a shame to waste all that sunshine on the solar panels. They seemed happy to be left there for an hour or so and Sasha made no noise as I went to the beach the long way around.

There is now little to do in order to finish off the day. There are the dogs to feed and a wander to the kitchen to collect some food then eat it. Still, I should make the most of it as life is less likely to be so relaxing quite soon I suspect.

The weather has been very pleasant with plenty of sunshine, no wind in the middle of the day and a light breeze in the evening. Tonight there will be meteor showers to look at quite early on I understand.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and no wind. Tomorrow is forecast to be about the same.

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