Hell Again

Only Petra was working in the kitchen, the other two were outside. Petra said they had a reasonable day for a Sunday in mid-October. She handed me some spinach and rice which was still warm saving me reheating it. I went straight back and ate it. I watched the Australian animal shelter followed by Young Sheldon. I finished off with something meaningful from YouTube.

The’re still quite a few vans along the beach road and the people with the dogs had let/kept them out. The dogs barked but I don’t think any of mine made a noise. As it turned out, the dogs were quickly brought in but I made detours to avoid further disturbance. Otherwise, we managed to come back together and we waited a little before going out as it was too dark for ball to begin with.

Oskar was with us as he seems to prefer their company for some inexplicable reason. We were back just after seven-thirty so I started the DDs and went into Paleochora at eight as I needed bread and other bits for the DDs.

The dog food I ordered arrived, together with another dozen tins of Hell for Bona. There were only small cans on the shelves and I get fed up buying it on a daily basis. She thinks I’m her personal shopper!

I finished off the DDs and put them into the Pot. It was now time for my first cup of tea!

I wasn’t very productive again but eventually received a message from Marisa asking me if seven was good for the handover. I suggested six would be better and the office as the location as the bar is full of distractions which could drag the meeting into next week. We’re going for 18:00 but the location is uncertain at present.

Luis has found himself inside due to excessive yapping and Oskar, the other culprit, appears to have got the message but remains a liberty. I have yet to process the DDs before they can be eaten so had better get on with it.

Not as warm as yesterday but warm and sunny with a strong breeze and quite breezy at times.


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