The last meal from the kitchen in 2023 was… spinach and rice! I watched BBT and another from the Australian animal rehoming. Then bed as I was falling asleep.

The morning soon came around. I was quite surprised at the temperature difference as I walked out of the van onto the decking. We were soon on the way, even Oskar!

The moon was on its penultimate morning so will rise even later tomorrow. Venus provides a modicum of light but hardly enough to see by. The northerly wind seemed quite warm at the beginning but had freshened by the time I took just the girls.

I waited, as it was still quite dark, before going out again. We didn’t lose any balls and they ran around madly as expected. I set off for Paleochora shortly after.

I was about halfway there when I passed a motorhome heading the other direction. It was not long after that I heard the alarm on the camera indicate someone was walking down the drive. There was no phone call so I decided to buy bread then go straight back rather than visit Petrakis as originally intended. I was not far from the camping when I saw the motorhome pull out of the camping then turn down the road towards the beach. They may have decided on wild camping so we might find them tomorrow morning.

It was the last day for Sandra and Sonja so I went to see them for a cup of tea, later, Anke arrived and I went off to catch up with some admin from the day before and collect the money from the French girl packing up her tent opposite the kitchen. She was going to Chania so I looked up the bus times for her.

Meanwhile, Sonja and Sandra were taking down their tent and had brought in their rental car to start loading it up. They disbursed various unwanted items to anyone who wanted something and packed up their tent. They probably left around lunchtime, will spend the night in the same hostel as their first night ready for their early flight back to Germany. They enjoyed their holiday, had planned lots of activities, but ended up relaxing instead. They plan a cycling trip to France in the summer but are already talking of Grammeno next October!

The dogs were reasonably quiet despite the start of the clearing up procedure and people coming to the storeroom and workshop. I didn’t spend much time with them today as I was out in the camping a lot.

After a long time doing comparatively little through the summer, it’s a bit of a shock to the system to have to think about, shop for and prepare something to eat. It’s quite easy to take it for granted, until there is no more…

The day started cool with a breeze but the wind became quite strong around midday. It is calmer now and tomorrow is forecast to be calmer still.

I’ve put the customers passed on to me into my system and talked to the French couple about purchasing a package of nights. With departing customer, I have some money in the kitty so will have plenty of change. Everyone so far has given cash and I’ve only offered bank transfer as an alternative.

As is customary for the season, we have a fine collection of flies which, as usual, just suddenly appeared. A little rain and some warmer weather is all that’s needed. They are annoying but I’ve experienced worse. I’ve also notice an increase in migratory birds – autumn is definitely here as there’s getting to be a chill in the air…

Cooler than yesterday with a cloudy patch around midday. Tomorrow and Friday are forecast to be cooler.

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