Crazy Day

It was cold first thing as well as windy. Indeed we came back after the second Promontory walk as the troops were voting with their feet.

The girls and I went out again as it began to get light. By this time, what remained of the moon was high in the sky but not as high as Venus. We didn’t have a ball and, by this time, I’d put winter shorts over my summer ones as well as a thicker fleece over the thinner one.

I rode to Paleochora on the dregs of my batteries so went only as far as Petrakis for some groceries. I’d already prepared the DD’s and they were cooking in the pot. I thought it useful to use the darkness for a useful purpose when we got back from the first walk.

I made it back without running out of power but I was working quite hard. I made some tea then walked the camping to see what was going on. The French couple handed me money for their first month at the camping and then it all seemed to kick off. From then on, there seemed to be a never-ending stream of arrivals.

These may not be in order but there were North Macedonians, Italians, two lots of Austrians, a French couple in a motorhome even some Greeks, then a German couple and finally an English couple who are thinking about it. It was a busy afternoon.

Meanwhile, Manos and Toni were rearranging the storeroom and chucking a load of stuff out.

I took several attempts to process and then serve the DDs but the dogs were quite tolerant considering.

I just need to prepare something to eat and maybe I can relax a little.

The early morning was really cool requiring winter wear. Once the sun joined us and the cloud dispersed, it was sunny and warm.


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