13 October

I wasn’t late to bed again for some strange reason. Nothing to do with six arrivals yesterday afternoon I suppose. They just kept coming.

There was some external incident in the night which caused Luis to bark and to wake me up but it wasn’t long before I fell back to sleep.

The morning was as cool as the previous but this time I took no chances and went out with heavy shorts and a thick hoodie with the hood up. The moon as still in bed and won’t be joining us tomorrow morning. It rose around six-fifteen but there wasn’t much to see by then as it was soon to be swamped by the approaching sun.

We walked to Azzuro once and around the Promontory twice before returning to put the boys inside. It was not very warm with a cold northerly wind so I think they were glad to get back inside the van.

I used the time to feed Moggy, exercise my brain and catch up with the last couple of arrivals from yesterday. I then took the girls just after seven back to Azzuro throwing the ball up the beach and also into the sea. Isabella still has this large chunk missing in her fur so regular immersion in the sea will help with its repair. We came back to The Promontory where we walked all around with more ball throwing and general racing about. It was gone eight when we got back to I hastened to Paleochora for bread, some olives and a cauliflower amongst other things. The bakery was busy but I think there was me and only a couple of others in Petrakis. The checkout was quick.

I fed the dogs and made some tea before sitting down for a quick rest. Not long after, I received a call from the mother of our refugees to say the gas was out in the kitchen. In fact, she’d not turned it on below at the cylinder as it was fine when I arrived. I used the time to see the punters to discover the Austrian couple in Ξ3 had suffered a bed event in the night as one had collapsed!

Tony wasn’t in the camping as he was harvesting olives but Bona said she’d look into it and went to see the couple. In the end, the guy fixed it himself. Bona paid me some money and we had a bit of a chat about all sorts of stuff. Apparently, I’m to speak to her children in English as she’s paying for lessons as she’s keen they can speak at least. That should guarantee they avoid me like the plague!

After the excitement of yesterday when there were six arrivals in the afternoon, there was only one departure, the French girls in the big motorhome. They are continuing eastwards along the south coast although I pointed out it was necessary to go north to go east without using the ferry. Something to do with the mountains and the National Park.

I had time to put on a wash for the Israelis and I added the county code for North Macedonia and Israel. These are not yet available in my list of countries for customer arrivals.

I received a call from Toni which I thought would be telling me there was a customer at the entrance. In fact, he was delivering a message from Eva to say she’d made me some food from produce from her garden. A wonderful selection of potatoes and very young courgettes freshly cooked in a huge bowl. With the cucumbers from Bona and the tomatoes from Erica, I shall have plenty to eat tonight! The cauliflower can wait for another day.

It was thankfully a very restful day after the arrivals yesterday afternoon. Incidentally, it’s Friday 13 for anyone who might be superstitious.

A cool and windy start leading to a still, warm and sunny day. Tomorrow and Sunday are forecast to be about the same. The high was much greater than what was forecast.


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