More Arrivals

Eva promised a meal cooked by her with produce from her garden. A very simple meal but very tasty and quite filling too. I amused myself on YouTube with a mixture of informational material and then some shorts to finish off the day. One short which particularly amused me was a guy who was paying for his car at the car wash. As he paid the attendant at a booth well away from his car, the repossession truck stealthily reversed into the car wash, hooked up the car without the driver even getting out and sped out onto the road. The defaulting ‘owner’ ran after the repossessed car but, on foot, he was soon left behind. There was less than two minutes of film but the whole operation was just so slick! Defaulters and delinquent creditors beware of the stealth truck!

The trend for cooler mornings and evenings is with us. Today, there was little wind so seemed warmer. I got all the dogs out onto the first walk which went smoothly other than Sasha absenting herself to explore and redistribute the contents of a rubbish bin onto the beach. I made her aware as I cleared it up later on. We all went back after around ninety minutes, the boys, less Luis, went inside, Moggy was fed and I exercised my brain waiting for it to get lighter.

We set off around 06:45 when it was starting to get light and headed towards Azzuro, on the beach, occasionally throwing the ball. There were a couple of vans on the track so I thought they might appreciate us keeping our distance. On the way back we encountered a couple walking their large, fluffy dog on the beach. The owner seemed interested in the dogs meeting up so I allowed mine to explore. The younger ones are still a little scatty and Luis, being bigger than all of the dogs naturally had something to say. Anyway, this was a big, friendly, fluffy dog. I bet they have some hairs in their van!

We chased the ball and went into the sea a couple of times, completed our tour of the Promontory then went back to the camping. I rode into Paleochora to buy fags for Bona and visit the supermarket for some bits.

The day was busy although there was a little time to sit around and drink tea to begin with. It then degenerated into a succession of arrivals which included Gabi and Manfred accompanied, in their own van, by two friends who may stay until the end of the month. Gabi and Manfred are booked for three weeks. I put them down on the beach opposite Ξ1/2 although we have the Israelis in 1 as well as the early morning German guy in his tent nearby. The friends are at right-angles in a smaller van. The Austrian couple in the smaller van with the dog plan to leave tomorrow. I discovered this when I went onto the beach early on to find them enjoying the sunshine. The German guy masquerading as French, who I discovered speaks good English, was there with Roger, his dog. Roger has overcome his initial resistance insisting I spend most of the time petting him. So long as I didn’t stop, things were ok.

We had an Austrian couple who’d explored the camping and will stay two or three nights. They’re in Bay 1 then there was a French/New Zealand couple who were here previously. They have taken the spot near the Common Room like the last time they came. With the arrivals, meters and a few loads in the washing machine, of which some was mine, the rest was the camping’s and two customer washes.

Cooler than yesterday but still with plenty of sunshine and no wind to speak of.


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